This Article is From Aug 09, 2019

Supermodel Shows Off Armpit Hair In Powerful Photoshoot

The picture has collected 1.7 million 'likes'

Supermodel Shows Off Armpit Hair In Powerful Photoshoot

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski shared a photo which shows off her armpit hair.

A little bit of hair can make a big statement. As more and more celebrities try to normalise body hair with powerful photoshoots, supermodel Emily Ratajkowski has become the latest to join the list. The model and actress, 28, posed for Harper's Bazaar with her arms lifted to proudly show off her armpit hair.

The photo was part of a personal essay she wrote on feminism for the magazine's September issue, reports USA Today.

"I wrote an essay for @harpersbazaarus about the importance of women's right to choose (how she dresses, what she posts, if she decides to shave or not) no matter what influences have shaped the way she presents herself," she wrote while sharing the picture on Instagram.

The picture, shared on Thursday, has collected over 1.7 million 'likes' and thousands of comments applauding her decision to pose with armpit hair exposed.

"You are doing a huge thing: using your privilege to fight for individual freedom and destroying beauty dogmas. Thanks for that," wrote one person in response to the photograph. "You are a true inspiration," said another.

A few months ago, Malaika Arora also shared a 'behind the scenes' picture with an exposed armpit that took social media by storm.

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