This Article is From Mar 13, 2020

Elizabeth Warren To Jennifer Lopez, Everyone's Doing This TikTok Challenge

TikTok's 'Flip The Switch' challenge is going viral online.

Elizabeth Warren To Jennifer Lopez, Everyone's Doing This TikTok Challenge

Jennifer Lopez performed the 'Flip The Switch' challenge with Alex Rodriguez.

TikTok's latest challenge has found takers in everyone from Senator Elizabeth Warren to singer-actor Jennifer Lopez. The 'Flip The Switch' challenge that is going viral online requires two participants for one video - both willing to groove to rapper Drake's hit song Nonstop. To take part in the dance challenge, the two literally switch places while dancing in front of a mirror. The switch includes an exchange of not just their positions, but also clothes.

According to Time, the Flip The Switch' challenge was first started by Bella and Dallin Lambert. It has since found fans in thousands of others, including celebrities, leaders and social media influencers.

Senator Elizabeth Warren performed the challenge with her Saturday Night Live doppelganger, comedian Kate McKinnon. The video has gone massively viral online, collecting a whopping 22 million views on Twitter alone. It shows the two dressed in identical blue blazers as they switch places.

Jennifer Lopez, who performed the challenge with partner Alex Rodriguez, wowed many with her video. Her TikTok 'Flip The Switch' challenge has been viewed over 42 million times on the video-sharing platform. In the comments section, many complimented Alex for carrying off JLo's white dress like a pro.


Wait for it...😂♥️ @arod13

♬ I just flipped the switch - bellalambert

Model Emily Ratajkowski and Josh Ostrovsky also jumped on the bandwagon. Their take on the 'Flip The Switch' challenge has garnered almost 2,000 amused comments, along with 4.8 lakh 'likes'.


FLIPPED THE SWITCH ##thefatjewish##leapday##flipchallenge##quickcuts

♬ I just flipped the switch - bellalambert

Meanwhile, singer-songwriter Camila Cabello also flipped the switch with her choreographer Calvit Jr. Her hilarious video has collected more than 2.5 million 'likes' on TikTok.


had to do it @theecalvit

♬ I just flipped the switch - bellalambert

Closer home, Sameera Reddy gave the challenge a desi twist as she performed it with her mother-in-law.

'Flip The Switch' is only the latest of the many, many viral challenges that thrive on TikTok. Before this, it was TikTok's 'Hand Emoji' challenge that had gone viral online.

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