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Don't Comb, Flirt Or Ask For Free Advice At This Pune Cafe. See ROFL Post

Headed to the Irani Cafe in Pune? Please don't brush your teeth, comb or flirt with the cashier there.

Don't Comb, Flirt Or Ask For Free Advice At This Pune Cafe. See ROFL Post

A photo of the list of forbidden activities at a cafe in Pune has people in splits.

Do you ever look at something bizarre and wonder about the events that led to its creation? The long list of forbidden activities at this Pune cafe might make you do just that. 

A photograph going viral on Twitter shows a list of things that customers are requested to refrain from doing at the Irani Cafe in Pune. While a few items on this list - like "No smoking" and "No credit" - are pretty commonplace, others are quite surprising. This includes the caveats of "No discussing gambling" and "No brushing teeth or combing".

If you want to enjoy a delicious meal at the Irani Cafe, you are also requested to keep your laptops and mobile phones aside. Please also refrain from putting your leg on chairs and don't run away.

Puzzled? The list, printed on the eatery's menu card, continues with warnings like "No asking change", "No mobile games", "No flirting with cashier" and - last but not the least - "No free advice".

A photo of this list was shared on Twitter two days ago by a user who wondered what happened at the cafe to make the owners include these warnings. Take a look at the photo below:

Since being posted on the microblogging platform, the pic has garnered over 1,600 'likes' and a ton of amused comments. 

Many Twitter users wondered why the cafe owners would have a problem with people playing mobile games, while others poked fun at the "No combing" stipulation.

Others pointed out that such caveats are commonplace at most Parsi restaurants

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