In Viral Video, Girl Refuses To Let Her Father Leave Home During Lockdown

"Mat jaao.. don't go," she tells her father in the video.

In Viral Video, Girl Refuses To Let Her Father Leave Home During Lockdown

Coronavirus Lockdown: A girl refuses to let her father leave the house during lockdown.

A video of a little girl refusing to let her father step out of the house during the ongoing nation-wide lockdown has earned a lot of praise on social media. The video, shared by Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu, shows the girl standing in front of the door and reminding her father of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's appeal to citizens to stay in during the 21-day lockdown to break the chain of transmission of coronavirus. 

"The Prime Minister said don't go outside," she reminds her father in Hindi in 15-second-long video. "Mat jaao (don't go)," she adds, stretching her arms across the door-frame to prevent her father from leaving the house.

Mr Khandu, while sharing the video, explained that the father was only pretending to leave for office. "Watch the reaction of a daughter when her father pretends to leave for office," he wrote. She blocks the door and reminds her father of PM Narendra Modi Ji's appeal to stay indoor. Who better understands the importance of #lockdown to fight #coronavirus than this little girl from Arunachal."

Since being shared online one day ago, the video has collected nearly 60,000 views and more than 8,000 'likes'. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ordered the three-week "total lockdown" to contain the spread  of coronavirus or COVID-19, which spreads rapidly through person to person contact. "Forget about stepping out of your homes," he had said. The national lockdown that started last Tuesday will end on April 14.

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