This Article is From Jan 12, 2022

Watch: Huge Python Brings Traffic To A Standstill In Kochi

A viral video from Kochi, Kerala, shows how a python brought traffic to a halt as it slowly crossed a busy road

Watch: Huge Python Brings Traffic To A Standstill In Kochi

A python brought traffic to a halt in Kochi on Sunday night.

Bumper-to-bumper traffic is a common sight in most Indian cities and can cause the most patient of people to get impatient. However, there are also instances where people display patience when required. A great example of patience and humanity was visible recently in Kochi, Kerala, when a nearly 6.5-foot-long python slithered out of a roadside bush and made its way across a busy street in the city. Commuters stopped their vehicles to allow the Indian rock python, a non-venomous snake, to cross the road in peace.

The incident occurred on the busy Seaport-Airport Road in Kochi on Sunday night, according to The New Indian Express.

A video of the incident has emerged on YouTube. In the video, we can see a number of cars and motorcycles parked in the middle of the road so that they don't run over the snake while it is crossing. A few people can also be seen standing quietly, watching the snake cross the road. On reaching the other end of the road, the reptile vanishes the bushes.

Watch the video here:

Talking about the incident, a forest department official, who is part of the animal rescue team, told the New Indian Express that snakes, particularly pythons, have been sighted frequently in Kochi for the past 3-4 years. The official added that two to three times a week, they get calls to rescue pythons from the city and neighbouring areas. Because Kochi has so much swampy ground, pythons have an easy time surviving. They eat rats, which are plentiful in this area.

A few months ago, a large python caused a traffic jam in Mumbai as it slithered across a busy road before hiding under a car. After getting caught in the car's tyre, the reptile had to be rescued by snake catchers. After the video of the python went viral on social media, many residents were in awe and disbelief over the reptile's presence in the middle of the city.

A few years ago, in a similar incident, two policemen in northeast Australia out on night patrol came across a giant python that was casually crossing a road. One of the policemen even stood next to the python, which gave an indication of the reptile's huge size.

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