Anand Mahindra's Team Tracked Down Viral 'Shoe Doctor.' How You Can Help

It took less than two weeks for Anand Mahindra's team to track down a cobbler who went viral for his ingenious marketing skills. The business tycoon first learnt of the "shoe doctor" from a WhatsApp forward.

Anand Mahindra's Team Tracked Down Viral 'Shoe Doctor.' How You Can Help

Anand Mahindra had tweeted this pic of a "shoe doctor" who runs a "hospital" for "injured" shoes

New Delhi: Business magnate Anand Mahindra, who often shares interesting videos and pictures from his "WhatsApp Wonderbox" on Twitter with his 6.7 million followers, just posted a delightful update on a "shoe doctor" he had tweeted about earlier this month. On April 17, the Mahindra Group chairman had tweeted a photo of a cobbler who he said "should be teaching marketing at the Indian Institute of Management." Less than two weeks later, his team managed to track down the man in Haryana and are working to help him out in the best way possible. 

The 62-year-old business tycoon first learnt of the "shoe doctor" from a WhatsApp forward. The photo he tweeted shows an old man surrounded by footwear. The board behind him advertises the shoe repair shop as a "hospital" for "injured" shoes, listing Dr Narseeram as the doctor on duty. It even mentions the timings for the OPD where he can be consulted (with the shoes being the patients, of course). 

Pretty cool way to advertise your business and get a potential customer's attention, isn't it? 

The "shoe doctor" definitely got Mr Mahindra's attention. He tweeted he was considering making a small investment in this "start up" should anyone have any information about this "doctor" and his "hospital."

The billionaire businessman's team managed to track down the man to Haryana. The "shoe doctor", referred to as Naseerji by Mr Mahindra, refused money and instead asked for a new and improved workspace. 

Sharing an update on Twitter this morning, Mr Mahindra wrote: "Instead of asking for money, he said he needed a good workspace. I asked our Design Studio team from Mumbai to design a kiosk that was functional & yet aesthetic."

But that's not all, the industrialist has asked for inputs from netizens on how best to re-design the "shoe doctor's" workspace. Mr Mahindra even says the kiosk could be treated as a template for all roadside vendors.

In less than five hours, hundreds suggestions have already poured in.

There has been plenty of praise for Mr Mahindra as well.

"This is much better donation than money... I am delighted to see the best use of your resources for someone really needy," tweets one person. "Sir - nothing but respect for you. This tweet was my chicken soup for the soul," tweets another.

"That's so considerate Sir... You may also consider to make a mobile shoe hospital for him by gifting a Bolero or a Thar at a later stage," suggests a third.

If you have any interesting ideas or suggestions, do send them in to Mr Mahindra.Click for more trending news