Anand Mahindra Asked For Photo With Cowboy Hat. This Is How He Reacted

Anand Mahindra commented on a few of the photoshopped images and picked his favourite from the lot that showed his with a white beard as well as a cowboy hat.

Anand Mahindra Asked For Photo With Cowboy Hat. This Is How He Reacted

Internet users flooded Twitter with morphed pictures that show Mr Mahindra wearing a cowboy hat.

From witty tweets to unique incidents, industrialist Anand Mahindra never fails to provide his 10 million followers on Twitter with the most engaging content. Now, with Mr Mahindra tweeting about The Mahindra Group introducing a rodeo team in the United States, an unexpected and hilarious photoshopped image trend emerged among his social media followers.

In America, rodeo is a sport and a form of public entertainment in which cowboys show different skills by riding wild horses. On Thursday, as The Cowboy Channel posted about Mr Mahindra debuting its rodeo team, the Mahindra Group chairman said he hoped it would serve as an "introduction of this uniquely American sport to 1.4 billion Indians". 

In the comment section of the post, a Twitter user then asked if there was a chance of seeing the industrialist in a cowboy hat. To this, Mr Mahindra responded, "Now there's an idea...Will do that. But I'm sure someone will also go ahead and morph a cowboy hat onto my photo". 

Internet users rose to this challenge and flooded Twitter with photoshopped pictures that show Mr Mahindra wearing a cowboy hat. Sharing an edited picture of the industrialist, one user even said, "I blame this squarely on you sire for giving us the idea! Behold the ScorpioBhai!" 

Take a look at some of the images: 

Mr Mahindra also retweeted some of the entries. He picked his favourite from the lot and said, "But I much prefer this. And it's given men an idea...Maybe it is indeed the age and time to try out a white beard..." 

Retweeting another picture, he wrote, "Not bad". 

Anand Mahindra is an avid social media user. He often shares fascinating posts that pique the interest of internet users. He has also amplified many stories of inspirational individuals and helped place the spotlight on those who deserve encouragement. The industrialist has more than 10 million followers on Twitter. 

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