After Snapchat CEO, People Are Now Trolling His Fiancee Miranda Kerr

After Snapchat CEO, People Are Now Trolling His Fiancee Miranda Kerr

People are trolling model Miranda Kerr over her fiance and Snapchat CEO's alleged 'poor India' comments

New Delhi:  It's a controversy that refuses to die down and now Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr finds herself caught up in it as well. Over the weekend, reports emerged that a former Snapchat employee had alleged that the social media company's CEO, Evan Spiegel, was not interested in expanding his business to "poor" countries like India and Spain. A number of Indians took to social media to express their anger with these unverified comments. Now Ms Kerr is being viciously trolled on her various social media profiles - only because she is engaged to the Snapchat CEO. 

From her official Facebook page, to her Twitter handle and Instagram account - there does not seem to be a social media platform that Ms Kerr is not being attacked on. Many of the comments are abusive.

Take a look at some of the vile comments being left on her Facebook page:

There are similar comments on her Twitter account as well:
However, some of the most vile ones are on her recent Instagram posts:

"Tell your f*ing scumbag of a man to think before speaking. So what if everyone living in India is not as rich as him. His dumb app is beneath us," writes a person who goes by the username prajyoga. 

"Your love is a bloody dog! Now he'll get to know what we Indians can do ! And what are you doing here!!? Instagram doesn't belong to you bugger off," writes a person who goes by the username _ishiti.

"Don't underestimate the ability of india (sic)," writes aryan.sunny.aarav after posting a series of expletives. 

"Your partner is such a jerk scumbag racist..... Atleast (sic) teach him something," comments a person who goes by the username shaik747.  

Many people are defending Ms Kerr against the attacks, however: 

"I don't understand why people are targeting her. Her fiance 'allegedly' made a comment, not her. Harassing her isn't going to solve anything," writes another. 

"Leave her alone idiots," writes one person on Instagram. "Stop degrading the value of our country with such stupidity."

And many are apologising to her: 

"I am apologizing on behalf of my country.You do not deserve the hate. WE don't even know if he actually said that. IT WAS NOT A DIRECT QUOTE!! stop harassing her," writes a person who goes by the username bhavanaxoxo.

"Indians commenting here should carefully reflect on what dignified and civilized conduct means...Your insults insult you more than they do anyone else. Material poverty is not something to be ashamed of, but poverty of mind and character are," writes someone who goes by the username ashamed_indian. 

"I would like to apologize on behalf of all Indians for these deplorable comments. These people are the 0.0001%, please don't judge the entire country by them," comments a person who goes by the username faragheb on Instagram. 

According to various reports, Snapchat has rubbished all the allegations. 

#BoycottSnapchat was among the top trending topics on Twitter over the weekend. Indians even began to uninstall the app and give it poor ratings and reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. In fact, some mistakenly uninstalled Indian e-commerce website Snapdeal's app instead. Oops!  
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