This Article is From Oct 20, 2014

10 Signs You're Living With the Roommate From Hell

10 Signs You're Living With the Roommate From Hell
In the rented-shared apartment world, there are two kinds of inhabitants. Roommates who are amazing, and roommates from hell. There's no scientific proof of this just yet, but some say that the roommate you end up with is a result of sheer good luck or some deeply disturbing past karma. So, the big question is: are you currently living with a roommate who's responsible for your rising blood pressure? Or are you yourself a roommate from hell? Find out with the help of the pointers below:

1. Do They Think They Own Everything?

You may be paying half the rent but in their minds they own the place and you're just there to keep things running smoothly. Can you please shut up about equal distribution of work and go check why there's no electricity already?

Seriously now. What IS your problem, princess?


2. Are They Obsessed With Bathroom Schedules?
There is a code of conduct as far as the bathroom is concerned. You may want to go poo, but you cannot always have the loo.

I'll turn into a dragon myself if that will get you to stop.


3. Are They Soul-Twins With the TV?
They are one, the TV and your roommate. So obviously the remote stays with them. They are also somewhat deaf WHICH IS WHY THE VOLUME CANNOT GO LOWER THAN THIS, OKAAAAY?

4. Are They Firm Believers of the No-Conversation Movement?

Passive aggressive notes and post-its are the new hello-hi-tata-bye-bye. This is the sort of roommate that's popularly discussed at the shrink's office.



5. Are They Only Too Willing to Dispense Unsolicited Advice?
First things first : WHO IN THE NAME OF THE GREAT WHITE SHARK ASKED FOR YOUR OPINION? How about you stop eavesdropping on phone conversations and get on with your own life already?

Please tell me more about what to do with my life.


6. Jo Tera Hai Woh Mera Hai, Jo Mera Hai Woh Mera

Please feel free to use everything I buy without invitation, including food, toiletries, and clothes. Oh, but by all means do not extend the same courtesy to anyone else. Do you also want my organs, sweetie?

Please consider this as a threat.


7. Are They Allergic to Paying Shared Bills?
Parting with money for house work, food, bills and everything else in between is physically painful for them. But they never ever ever ever mind asking you for money.

Do I look like your personal ATM, you slimy creature?


8. Do They Live with An Uninvited Boyfriend/Girlfriend?
Dropping in once in a while is okay but if there are three people (or more) living in the house you wanted to share with just one then this may quite possibly happen. 

'One plus one' is valid only at parties. It cannot become a lifestyle habit.
Simpsons Rock Hard Place.gif

Source: Star World

9. Do They Like to Pretend That They Live in a Pig Sty?

Why clean up when you can sleep in the corner of the bed with your feet hanging out? More air for the feet, right?

There are creatures heretofore unknown to mankind breeding in their room.


10. Do They Suffer From an Acute Tendency to Steal Things?

This problem is about as funny as a fish bone stuck in your throat when you're trying to eat a meal in a fancy restaurant. For the sarcasm-allergic, this means this is absolutely not funny. Kleptomania is real and dangerous and extremely scary. Beware of lost possessions and that elusive peace of mind. 

May just start living with a knife for protection, you know.