This Article is From Jul 18, 2014

Chopper Airlifts Fireman From Burning Mumbai High-Rise; One Dead

Fire at Lotus Business Park in Andheri

Mumbai: A dozen firemen were trapped for hours on the rooftop of a burning Mumbai high-rise after a fire they had put out started again.

One fireman died reportedly due to the smoke.

A coast guard chopper pulled out one of the men. The other fire fighters climbed down to safety after the fire was doused again.

About 30 firemen had gone to the 22-storey Lotus Business Park building in Andheri, where the fire started at around 11 am.

The fire completely destroyed the first two floors before the personnel brought it under control.

People had been evacuated from the building. The fire personnel used the "top-down approach" as they went from floor to floor, fighting the blaze and rescuing people.

A dozen firemen were left on the rooftop when the dying fire suddenly became stronger due to the winds.

A chopper was sent to rescue the personnel.

The dramatic rescue of one firefighter was watched by a huge crowd below.

The building, located near the Lokhandwala Link Road, has many offices including those of film stars like Hrithik Roshan and Ajay Devgn.

"The fire caused panic among the people working at the building. This made the evacuation process a little difficult. But everyone was evacuated in time," an officer had said earlier.