"Preparing Her For A Very Healthy Baby," Celebrity Yoga Trainer Anshuka On Deepika Padukone's Prenatal Routine

Celebrity yoga expert Anshuka Parwani gives us insights about Deepika Padukone's prenatal pregnancy yoga routine

'Preparing Her For A Very Healthy Baby,' Celebrity Yoga Trainer Anshuka On Deepika Padukone's Prenatal Routine

Celebrity Yoga Trainer Anshuka On Deepika Padukone's Prenatal Routine

When it comes to Bollywood's fittest stars, Deepika Padukone's name often tops our list. The actress has been consistent towards her healthy lifestyle from even before her Bollywood days. Yoga has always been the answer to her fit physique. The actress loves to put her energy into achieving a fit body and indeed, it has served as motivation for us. On the occasion of International Yoga Day 2024, NDTV's Abira Dhar spoke to renowned celebrity yoga expert, Anshuka Parwani about Deepika Padukone's yoga routine before and during her pregnancy. 

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While many would avoid physical activity during pregnancy, Deepika Padukone has something else in mind. Talking about Deepika's routine pregnancy, she said, "I mean right now we are looking at it very holistically. She is carrying a child so we have to look at it very carefully. We are going through a prenatal routine with her constantly, making sure every trimester is different. Preparing her for a very healthy baby and making sure that she is at her best throughout her pregnancy. So it is not only about how she is looking on the outside." She further added, "It is so beautiful to work with someone who is already so aware. We are just looking at it like a healthy time in her life. She is enjoying her pregnancy, she is moving and is so active.

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Talking about balancing asanas during pregnancy, Anshuka said, " You can do that, of course, with a bit of modification. You can't do deep-back bends. So Deepika has a beautiful back bend with Chakrasana but we can't do severe, heavy back bends like a Chakrasana. Also, we can't do a deep Bhujangasana which is a cobra pose. There are a lot of modifications but we are doing everything. We are doing a Surya Namaskar modification for pregnancy."

Deepika Padukone's connection with yoga has gone beyond her personal life too. In Gehraiyaan, starring Sidhanth Chaturvedi and Ananya Panday, she was a yoga instructor. Not only was she training to look the part but also to fit the part. "Coming to Gehraiyaan, We also had that opportunity where I taught her how to be a teacher because in Gehraiyaan she was a yoga teacher. So I feel she looks like yoga is not just a physical practice, it is a whole holistic practice and we are looking at it exactly like that," she said.

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When asked about Deepika's favourite pose, she said that she loves doing inversions.