How Dakota Johnson Handled A Wardrobe Malfunction Most Gracefully When Her Dress Straps "Just Fell Off"

Dakota Johnson handled the tricky wardrobe malfunction on Jimmy Kimmel Live with a pinch of humour and a lot of tact

How Dakota Johnson Handled A Wardrobe Malfunction Most Gracefully When Her Dress Straps 'Just Fell Off'

How Dakota Handled A Wardrobe Malfunction When Her Straps "Just Fell Off"

Dakota Johnson recently graced the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show to promote her upcoming movie, Daddio in which she stars alongside Sean Penn. The actress picked a body-hugging black dress with flora and fauna metallic shoulder straps for the occasion that she teamed beautifully with her signature brunette bangs, which were styled in an updo. But what happened next was challenging yet admirable. 

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The Persuasion actress' dress strap gave way and "just fell off", to quote her. This prompted the host of the show, Jimmy to ask, "Are you alright? Should I get you some scotch tape?" After a few failed attempts to fix the strap, the actress let it be and disappointedly exclaimed saying, "Well, I'll just hold it." Jimmy, rather cheekily, further commented, "Just hold the important part. There you go." To this, Dakota responded with a reciprocating laugh.

Dakota handled the wardrobe malfunction off rather well during the late night talk show. The quick wit and alertness of the actress to hold her dress with her hands was commendable during a live television chat show. Top this with the fact that, she went along with the show's banter and kept it all in good humour. At no point, did Dakota let her possible anxiety or discomfort become obvious or uncomfortable to the audiences or the host while she did her job. A big kudos to the actress for that.

Dakota Johnson handling a delicate situation like a wardrobe malfunction with such ease, gets a big yay from our end. There's a lot that fashionistas can learn from the actress.

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