Kriti Sanon's "Early Morning Before-Shoot-Prep Routine" Is All About Hydration

To achieve a dewy glow, Kriti Sanon focuses on a hydrating skincare routine

Kriti Sanon's 'Early Morning Before-Shoot-Prep Routine' Is All About Hydration

Kriti Sanon's "Early Morning Before-Shoot-Prep Routine" Is For Hydration

Much like her professional commitments, Kriti Sanon takes her skincare seriously. She often offers glimpses of her beauty routine on Instagram giving us some much-needed tips. Kriti's latest video was no different. Adopting a unique ASMR style, she showcased her “super early morning before-shoot-prep routine”. Hydration is the key element in this brutal summer and Kriti knows it all too well. She started her prep regimen by drinking lots of water. After washing her hands, the actress slathered her glass-like skin with a cleanser. She rubbed the product gently and evenly before spritzing some water spray for double hydration. A gel-based serum came next, followed by the crucial summer ingredient: a lightweight water-based sunscreen. She smeared it uniformly on her face and neck. To achieve a dewy glow, Kriti chose a shiny highlighter enhancing her flawless radiance. Some gloss on the lips was all she needed to seal her minimal beauty game. 

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Before that, Kriti Sanon blessed our Instagram feeds with a “super quick exfoliation night routine”. Her night-time skincare involved an oil-based cleanser to wipe away her makeup but retain the moisture. Abiding by her double-cleansing rule, Kriti went for a creamy cleanser. Pat-drying her face with a towel she turned her attention to the exfoliator serum. Only a few drops of the product were needed to make her skin plump and glowy. After pressing it on the high points of her face, Kriti used a generous quantity of “barrier care cream”. Her before-bed routine concluded with the right amount of lip balm. 

Searching for some post-festival makeup removal hacks? Kriti Sanon has got you covered. Previously, she had revealed her 8-step after-Diwali nighttime routine. She began with oil cleansing and washing her face thoroughly with a gentle face wash. Resorting to double cleansing again, she used a BHA toner to unclog her pores. Kriti can never skip hydration. So she treated her face to a barrier care cream before signing off with her favourite lip balm.

Kriti Sanon is setting a benchmark with her skincare diaries, showcasing her commitment to self-care. Needless to say, it serves as an inspiration for all of us.

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