Parineeti Chopra's Lunges And Back Press Workout Is Inspiration When You've Got "More Inches To Go"

Parineeti Chopra's workout is the only motivation we need to start the week

Parineeti Chopra's Lunges And Back Press Workout Is Inspiration When You've Got 'More Inches To Go'

Parineeti's Transformation Workout For A Film Includes An Intense Session

When it comes to working out, many of us are often met with procrastination. A fitness journey takes more than just dedication. Parineeti Chopra is ready to serve you with the right kind of inspiration to hit the gym and get your game on. One thorough look at Parineeti Chopra's Instagram and you will know the actress loves to balance a healthy lifestyle. Whether she is on a shoot or is busy exploring the world like a globe trotter, she never fails to offer us a sneak peek of the same. Recently, the actress gave us a glimpse of her transformation process that is underway for a movie. She uploaded a video and captioned, "I spent 6 months last year singing in Rahman sir's studio, and going back home to eat as much junk as I possibly could to put on 15 KILOS for Chamkila! Music and Food. That was my routine. Now that the film is done, the story is the opposite. I miss the studio and work in the gym trying to look like myself again. And not like Amarjot ji! Its been hard."

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The actress did multiple workouts to get her body on track after she gained weight for a film role. She started off with a basic version of lunges. She ditched the weights and instead opted for a regular way to perform lunges that basically helps to improve thigh muscles and strengthen the legs.

Well, no workout circuit seems full without some weight training. She got her game on with a shoulder press excercise. It is done in multiple formats, however, Parineeti hopped onto a machine to hit it right. It basically shapes the shoulders and strengthens the arm muscles, making them toned.

It takes a lot to get into an intense routine and Parineeti's seemed like one. Her routine was further followed by a back press workout, for which she used a machine. This exercise helps to strengthen the back and tones it. She finally did some cool down stretches to release that energy and open up the muscles for better movement and posture.

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Parineeti Chopra's transformation workout routine is hitting the right notes.