Cerebral palsy patient pens her autobiography with one finger

Cerebral palsy patient pens her autobiography with one finger
Kolkata: When cerebral palsy patient Malini Chib, who has spent 44 years trapped in a wheelchair, decided to pen down her moments of pain and triumph in a 50,000-word autobiography, she had no other option but do it with only one finger in her hand.

Aptly titled, 'One little Finger', the recently-released 200-page memoir was typed by Mumbai-based Chib with her left index finger on a laptop over a period of two years.

Defying all odds to emerge victorious in spite of the crippling disability and an indifferent society, she learnt to type with her little finger and speak through a light writer owing to a speech-defect.

The cognitive functions of her brain remain unimpaired, even as cerebral palsy, a neurological condition similar to an adult stroke, made her body movement and speech extremely difficult ever since birth.

The book recounts Malini's story of a heroic battle against adversity, prejudice, stigmas and stereotypes against her and others who are disabled.

"The book has been the most proudest moment of my life," Chib exulted during a programme organised here.

Her mother Mithu Alur, who has been the main driving force behind her daughter's success, told PTI, "Its been the happiest part of my life as well. It was a very big thing for her to write it down as she has always been very talkative and expressive".