This Article is From May 16, 2016

This Kerala Bride Ran Just Before Her Wedding To...A Polling Station

Kerala election: Young bride Anu cast her vote just before her wedding


  • 25-year-old Anu went to a polling station 2 hours before her wedding
  • Kerala holding polls in all 140 seats today on last day of state polls
  • Elections also being held in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry. Results on Thursday
Thiruvananthapuram: Just two hours before her wedding in Kerala on Monday, Anu, decked up in a gold sari and jewellery, made an unexpected trip. She rushed to a polling booth to vote in her first election, which, she felt, was no less important than her wedding day.

"I am very happy and excited that I have been able to cast my first vote," the young bride told NDTV.

The 25-year-old was running late after an extended session at the beauty salon, getting ready. Relatives warned her about cutting it too fine but she insisted that she wanted to cast her vote.

"It was my decision to come and vote,"Anu said, escorted by her mother.

The moment it was done and an indelible ink stained one painted nail, she hitched up her sari and ran to a car waiting to drive her to her wedding venue an hour's drive away.

In Kerala, the Left Democratic Front hopes to unseat the Congress-led United Democratic Front. Power has alternated between the two parties every five years.

The results will be announced on May 19.

Among the voters who queued up early at the polling station was 47-year-old Udayan AS, who climbs coconut trees. He has been on bed rest for more than a month with a fractured foot. Fighting pain, Udayan arrived to vote.