This Article is From Sep 08, 2022

On Camera, Artiste Collapses On Stage During Performance In Jammu, Dies

A video, which has now gone viral on social media, shows Yogesh Gupta performing on stage dressed as Godess Parvati before he collapsed.

Several such incidents have been reported from all across the country.


An artiste in Jammu died after he collapsed on stage in the middle of his performance, officials said today.

Sources say the man, Yogesh Gupta, died of a heart attack.

A video that has gone viral on social media shows Yogesh Gupta, dressed as Goddess Parvati, performing at the Ganesh Utsav in Bishnah area of Jammu.

As part of the dance, he drops to the floor, then keeps dancing until he collapses.

The music continues but Mr Gupta doesn't move. Nobody reacts for several minutes, until another artiste, dressed as Lord Shiva, walks to the stage and checks on him. He is seen calling for help.

Many in the audience thought it was part of the performance, sources said.

When the crew realized Mr Gupta was unconscious, they took him to hospital.

Over the past few months, several such incidents have been reported from all across the country.

In June, singer Krishnakumar Kunnath, fondly known as KK, died after his concert in Kolkata due to cardiac arrest. Videos showed him complaining of "uneasiness" during the rehearsals.

Veteran Malayalam singer Edava Basheer also died after collapsing on stage at a music concert in Kerala's Alappuzha on May 28, days before KK's death.