In A First, Sikh Woman Wins Prestigious Barrister Award

Tinessa Kaur was homeless as a teenager and received support from London's Sikh community.

In A First, Sikh Woman Wins Prestigious Barrister Award

Tinessa Kaur is also a co-founder of Sikh Lawyers Association (File)

Tinessa Kaur has become the first Sikh woman to claim the title of Young Pro-Bono Barrister of the Year. Once homeless, the 32-year-old barroster scripted history, winning one of the most esteemed awards in the legal profession, BBC reported.

Ms Kaur's father left when she was young. Her challenges multiplied in 2009 when she found herself homeless at the age of 17 and exposed to the dangers of the streets, including gangs. She was completing her A-Levels at the time. In 2010, by the time she finished her school, her father was in prison.

Next, she made her way to Greenford, West London, seeking refuge in the supportive Sikh community.

Despite these obstacles, Ms Kaur's determination never wavered. She pursued a law degree and proudly graduated in 2013. She then completed her Bar studies. In 2019, her efforts paid off and she was called to the Bar. Four years later, in 2023, she secured Pupillage at the age of 32.

Throughout her journey, Ms Kaur was committed to serving others, which became evident as she dedicated her free time to offering legal help to underserved communities. Her passion for justice and human rights is evident in her multifaceted roles as a Pupil Barrister and a Sikh and human rights activist.

She is also a co-founder of Sikh Lawyers Association, an organisation rooted in the Sikh principle of 'Sewa,' or selfless service, aimed at giving back to the community and fostering social responsibility.

Additionally, she also serves as the Director of Kaurs Legal UK, where she leads a legal consultancy, specialising in advising and drafting services across different legal domains, offering support to clients in need of legal help.

Ms Kaur is also the Director of the 'Just Cut It Out Now' project, which aims to prevent gang culture and violence among young people through engagement, empowerment and inspiration.