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CLR-MRJ PASSENGER (51406) Route, Time Table, Schedule

Number 51406
Destination MIRAJ JN (MRJ)

51406 Clr-mrj Passenger is a Passenger (PAS) which is running between Castle Rock (CLR) and Miraj Jn (MRJ). Clr-mrj Passenger covers total journey of 213 kilometers. At 05:40 it departs from Castle Rock and at 11:30 it arrives at Miraj Jn. 51406 Clr-mrj Passenger has total 24 stopping station like DESUR (DUR), PARKANHATTI (PRKH), CHINCHLI (CNC) etc. between both source and destination stations. Check here 51406 Running status

Last one week running status of the CLR-MRJ PASSENGER
24th April RT
18th April RT
5th April RT
4th February RT
21st January RT
13th August 2 Min
21st July 4 Min
20th June RT
Current Location of the Train (24th April)CASTLE ROCK ( CLR )
Check Running Status
Train Avg. speed 37 km/hr
Journey Distance 213Km.
Train Travel Time 5 Hr 50 Min.
Type of Train PASSENGER (PAS)
Train Running schedule Daily (All Days)

CLR-MRJ PASSENGER - 51406 Train Schedule

Stations Arrival Departure Halt Distance Day
Stations CASTLE ROCK Arrival starts Departure 05:40 Halt - Distance - Day 1
Stations TINAI GHAT Arrival 05:55 Departure 05:56 Halt 1 m Distance 13 km Day 1
Stations LONDA JN Arrival 06:29 Departure 06:30 Halt 1 m Distance 24 km Day 1
Stations GUNJI Arrival 06:51 Departure 06:52 Halt 1 m Distance 38 km Day 1
Stations KHANAPUR Arrival 07:09 Departure 07:10 Halt 1 m Distance 50 km Day 1
Stations IDALHOND Arrival 07:20 Departure 07:21 Halt 1 m Distance 57 km Day 1
Stations DESUR Arrival 07:31 Departure 07:32 Halt 1 m Distance 65 km Day 1
Stations BELGAUM Arrival 07:49 Departure 07:50 Halt 1 m Distance 75 km Day 1
Stations SAMBRE Arrival 07:59 Departure 08:00 Halt 1 m Distance 84 km Day 1
Stations SULEBHAVI Arrival 08:09 Departure 08:10 Halt 1 m Distance 91 km Day 1
Stations SULADHAL Arrival 08:17 Departure 08:18 Halt 1 m Distance 103 km Day 1
Stations PACHHAPUR Arrival 08:27 Departure 08:28 Halt 1 m Distance 112 km Day 1
Stations PARKANHATTI Arrival 08:34 Departure 08:35 Halt 1 m Distance 119 km Day 1
Stations GOKAK ROAD Arrival 08:44 Departure 08:45 Halt 1 m Distance 128 km Day 1
Stations GHATPRABHA Arrival 09:05 Departure 09:06 Halt 1 m Distance 133 km Day 1
Stations BAGEWADI Arrival 09:13 Departure 09:14 Halt 1 m Distance 141 km Day 1
Stations CHIKODI ROAD Arrival 09:21 Departure 09:22 Halt 1 m Distance 148 km Day 1
Stations RAYBAG Arrival 09:45 Departure 09:46 Halt 1 m Distance 162 km Day 1
Stations CHINCHLI Arrival 09:53 Departure 09:54 Halt 1 m Distance 173 km Day 1
Stations KUDACHI Arrival 10:04 Departure 10:05 Halt 1 m Distance 180 km Day 1
Stations UGAR KHURD Arrival 10:14 Departure 10:15 Halt 1 m Distance 186 km Day 1
Stations SHEDBAL Arrival 10:34 Departure 10:35 Halt 1 m Distance 196 km Day 1
Stations VIJAYANAGAR Arrival 10:49 Departure 10:50 Halt 1 m Distance 205 km Day 1
Stations MIRAJ JN Arrival 11:30 Departure Ends Halt - Distance 213 km Day 1

Frequently Asked Questions

What time CLR-MRJ PASSENGER depart from CASTLE ROCK Railway Station?

CLR-MRJ PASSENGER (51406) departs from CASTLE ROCK Railway Station at 05:40.

How much time CLR-MRJ PASSENGER take to reach MIRAJ JN Railway Station?

CLR-MRJ PASSENGER reach on day 1 to MIRAJ JN Railway Station. The arrival time of CLR-MRJ PASSENGER at MIRAJ JN Railway Station is 11:30.

Distance covered by CLR-MRJ PASSENGER?

CLR-MRJ PASSENGER covers 213 km to reach MIRAJ JN Railway Station at average speed of 37 km/hr. CLR-MRJ PASSENGER passes through 24 stations.

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