Yes, I beat them. So what? Asks Jharkhand MLA

Bokaro: In a series of photographs, a man who is a big deal in this part of Jharkhand, thrashes one young man after another with sticks.  

Jagannath Mahto has been elected twice as the MLA from Dumri in Jharkhand. He believes he has the right to enforce discipline in any manner that he sees fit.

Smiling, he tells a TV camera that the men he is seen beating have been accused of eve-teasing.

"We receive all kinds of complaints. We deliver a public punishment, and address the complaint then and there. One needs to use the stick in some cases,'' Mahto says, taking considerable pleasure in showing off his kangaroo court.

The irony is that Mahto's election affidavit says he is charged with murder, kidnapping and violation of the arms act.

It is not entirely untrue that there are those who do support the MLA's methods, as they believe that its better for them to get justice this way rather than approach the police. The MLA holds these courts regularly.