This Article is From May 06, 2016

Student Found Dead Had Been Hit On Head 20 Times, Hands Cut Off

30-year-old woman from Ramgarh in Jharkhand found dead with her hand cut off near her college.


  • 30-year-old student found dead near college gate in Jharkhand
  • Husband alleges a former school mate had been stalking her
  • Police identifies main suspect, says it's hunting for him
Ramgarh, Jharkhand: She was found with her hands cut off, one lying near her body, her head covered in blood. Sonali Murmu, a 30-year-old student had been hit over and over - 20 times - with a sharp weapon before she died, said the police in Jharkhand's Ramgarh district.

Ms Murmu had been stalked for years by a 35-year-old man who she knew from her school days, the police said, adding that it is trying to locate him.

"When we were getting married, he threatened us. I got Sonali's mobile number changed. But he just did not let go. I hope he is punished soon," says her husband Chittaranjan Tudu.

Sources said that Ms Murmu and her husband did not report the stalking because they were concerned about idle gossip and speculation.

Ms Murmu was discovered dead near the front gate of the college where she was studying to be a teacher.

The suspect has been identified as Suken Mandal.

A resident of the area has told the police that she heard cries for help on Wednesday afternoon and rushed to the college gate, where she discovered Ms Murmu's body. Unconfirmed reports say she has told the police that she saw a motorcycle leaving the area.

Just days ago, a law student was found dead in her home in Kerala with her intestines hanging out, provoking national anger over the continuing lack of safety for women and alleged lapses by the police. Activists have said the police tried to cover up evidence of the student's rape to minimize the embarrassment for the state's Congress government, which is seeking re-election.