This Article is From Sep 08, 2013

Will return to Kashmir if it wants me: Zubin Mehta to NDTV

Srinagar: A day after India-born conductor Zubin Mehta performed in a peace concert in Srinagar organised by German Ambassador Michael Steiner, they spoke to NDTV over what motivated them to come to Kashmir.


Zubin Mehta

  • Kashmir attracts anyone who lives in this subcontinent
  • From my youth, I have been drawn to this place
  • We are not politicians, cannot change boundaries
  • We can start a process of healing
  • Yesterday was a beginning of some process of harmony
  • I saw a discussion on TV, 9 people were against the concert and 3 for it
  • Those nine were misinformed, no one enlightened them
  • Beethoven was involved in French Revolution, so was Mozart
  • We bring people together
  • We have a foundation in North Israel for Arab students
  • We came here as friends
  • Respect the Indian government for not making settlements in Kashmir
  • I would love to have a little house on top of a hill in Kashmir
  • If Kashmir wants me, I will come back to perform
  • I am a Bombay Hindustaniwala
  • My first identity is Indian
  • Geelani sahab, main aapka dost hun (Mr Geelani, I am your friend).

German Ambassador Michael Steiner

  • We had 2700 people turned in the audience, including Kashmiris
  • Welcomed a parallel event, couldn't go there as it was at the same time
  • I understand that people are frustrated
  • Situation for the Kashmiris is not easy
  • I was enchanted by the Shalimar Bagh
  • People in the streets are so proud that this happened
  • It is a beginning of a healing process, not a solution
  • What we did here is something in line with the fact that the world has changed
  • We are living in a globalised world
  • What we did yesterday was modern diplomacy linking the best traditions of Europe with the best in Kashmir
  • It was a concert for Kashmir