Video: Woman Falls Into Gap Between Moving Train And Platform In Bihar

The woman slipped while getting off the train and got stuck between the train and the platform, before an RPF officer rushed in and pulled her out

The woman was stuck between the moving train and the platform


It was sheer providence and some quick thinking by a Railway Protection Force (RPF) officer that helped save a woman from a near-death situation at Muzaffarpur Railway Station in Bihar yesterday. A spine-chilling video footage captured on the CCTV cameras installed at the platform show the woman slipping while trying to get off a moving train and getting stuck between the train and the edge of the platform. An RPF officer who was present at the spot, rushed in and pulled her out of danger.

Authorities said the woman, identified as Ambisha Khatoon, was rushed to hospital for treatment.

According to reports, the woman was waiting for her train at Platform No 3 when she felt the urge to visit the washroom. However, there was no washroom on that platform. Meanwhile, as Gwalior-Barauni Express pulled in, she decided to use one of the toilets on the train and boarded it, probably anticipating a longer stop at the junction station.

However, barely within a few minutes after she got on the train, it started pulling out of the station. As she hurriedly tried to get off, she slipped, fell and got stuck between the moving train and the platform.

Seeing her ordeal, those present on the platform raised an alarm, though none could be seen rushing to her help. Fortunately for her, the RPF officer was present near at hand and without wasting a single moment, he rushed in and pulled out the woman from the jaws of death.