Video: Purse Snatchers Drag Elderly Woman Behind Scooter, Head Scraping On Road

The crime was carried out in an upscale area of Punjab's Jalandhar.

The woman said she is afraid of being targeted again and has not filed a police complaint.

In a disturbing incident in an upscale area of Punjab's Jalandhar, an elderly woman was dragged behind a scooter, her head scraping against the road, by two thieves who were trying to snatch her purse.

CCTV footage from the city's Mota Singh Nagar shows the woman desperately hanging on to her purse as the pillion rider on a two-wheeler tries to free it from her grasp, dragging her behind the scooter in the process. After speeding for a bit, the scooter rider suddenly stops, making her swivel around on the road, narrowly missing the rear wheel.

The rider then speeds up again with the woman's head pressed against the road and she is forced to give up. The woman is seen lying on the tarmac, struggling to get up. She somehow manages to crawl to the side, wincing in pain and the video ends with her appearing to flag down an incoming vehicle for help.

The incident took place on Wednesday evening and when NDTV spoke to the woman, she said she has not filed a police complaint for fear of reprisal from the snatchers. "They may come and loot me again," she said, requesting complete anonymity.