This Article is From Sep 05, 2013

Top 10 surfer comments on teacher who swims everyday to get to students

Top 10 surfer comments on teacher who swims everyday to get to students

40-year-old Abdul Mallik wades through neck-high water everyday to reach his school

Tributes are pouring in for Abdul Mallik, the teacher in Kerala who swims through a river everyday to get to his students. (Read)

Here are 10 great surfer comments (some have been shortened):

1. "Abdul Malik - If we ever met, I would very much like to shake your hand. It's great people like yourself who should be governing this great country." - Sheldon.

. "What a great teacher! It makes me cry. May god bless a teacher." - Ravi.

3. "Real words to say for his commitment, dedication." - Gaurav.

4. "This is amazing. You've set an example for teachers to follow. What most of them preach you are out to practice everyday." - Gupta.

5. "Truly inspirational. He doesn't do it for fame or publicity. That's his job and he's probably the most satisfied guy in the whole world .... We Salute u Sir!" - Shrivastav.

. "My sincere heartfelt wishes to this teacher, as we couldn't find such person/s anywhere in this World and if so, very few." - V R Krishnaa.

7. "Hats off! No words are enough for such selfless deeds." - Manjit.

8. "Proud of him and wish him a very happy teacher's day! Being a teacher myself, I feel sorry that the most noble profession in the world is not regarded high in India. Happy Teacher's Day to all." - Swati Saxena.

9. "If all the teachers have same dedication and commitment like you Mr Mallik, India will definitely shine." - Neeraj Gupta.

10. "Under these current circumstances of corruption and scams, this is truly impressive, God bless you." - Mohammed Abdul Raheem.