This Article is From Apr 12, 2022

Surat Restaurant Serves Food On Toy Train, Customers Applaud 'Unique' Concept

An eatery in Surat has come up with one a unique idea of serving food not by waiters but by toy trains.

Surat Restaurant Serves Food On Toy Train, Customers Applaud 'Unique' Concept

The toy train bringing food for the guests in Surat restaurant. (ANI)

In the post-COVID era, restaurants and eateries are trying their best to entice customers with new and innovative things to look forward to. Recently, an eatery in Surat also came up with one such unique idea of serving food, not by waiters but by toy trains. The theme of the restaurant has attracted people to enjoy their meal, which is delivered straight to the diners without the need for any human intervention. 

The video of the restaurant has been released by news agency ANI. In the clip, a toy train is seen approaching the seating area from the kitchen of the restaurant. The various compartments of the train are seen loaded with bread, gravies and other food item like papad. Interestingly, each table also has a designated name given as per the areas of Surat city.

The multi-cuisine restaurant, Trainian Express, is located in Vesu, Surat. Customers have applauded the unique and innovative concept of the restaurant.

“Order place by you is delivered to you by train is the best part of the restaurant. At least once a try,” said one customer. “Awesome place...great ambience..yummmyyy food ..unique service,” wrote another. “Nice theme based restaurant, very nice place for toddlers and young kid to enjoy train coming with food. Taste is ok. price is as same as other restaurants,” added another happy customer. 

A few customers also said that this mode of dining made sense in the post-COVID era. Meanwhile, it is to mention that this toy train concept is not unique to Surat. In fact, such toy train eateries could also be found in many Indian cities including, Hyderabad and Indore.