'Stick To Aloo Ki Factory,' Amit Shah Tells Rahul Gandhi Who Attacked PM

Amit Shah condemned the words used by Rahul Gandhi to attack PM Modi on issue of surgical strikes.

New Delhi: BJP chief Amit Shah grinned today as he advised Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi to refrain from commenting on serious issues of national import and focus on matters like "aloo ki factory."

"Rahul Gandhi should concentrate on the aloo ki factory rather than comment on big issues," said Mr Shah, adding, "What he had said is before the nation."

The reference was to a recent speech made by Mr Gandhi at a farmers' rally while campaigning in Uttar Pradesh, where assembly elections will be held soon.

"I cannot open a potato factory for farmers," Mr Gandhi had said earnestly, since, he stated apologetically, he was an opposition leader. He had, however, vowed to pressure the government to open an aloo ki factory."

Social media had a field day making digs at the 46-year-old Congess leader.

Amit Shah's jab today came at a press conference where he said the opposition was wrongly accusing the BJP-led government of trying to grab credit from the Army for last week's surgical strikes in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir which targeted terrorists waiting to sneak into India.

He condemned the words used by Rahul Gandhi to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue yesterday.

Mr Gandhi, who had initially praised PM Modi for the strikes, is among the opposition leaders who have accused the ruling BJP of trying to score political points from the army's action and the courage of its soldiers. They have also asked the government to present proof of the strikes, which have been denied by Pakistan as "fabrication of the truth."