This Article is From Jul 19, 2011

She told cops her husband was making crude bombs

Ahmedabad: It's a story of courage, of putting country over family, even if it is your own husband. That's what Reshma Ragrez did. This feisty 25-year-old tipped off the police about her husband Shahzad, who had been making crude bombs.

Once arrested, he led the police to ten more crude bombs Since then neighbours have been pouring into Reshma's small home to offer their congratulations. But ask Reshma and she says she considered it her duty.

"I wasn't scared at all. We all have to die one day..but If I would not have alerted..there could have been a number of dead bodies lying here," she said.

Reshma's heroism has attracted the attention of none other than Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Modi requested the Minister of State for Home in Gujarat Praful Patel and the Gujarat police chief Chitranjan Singh to visit Reshma's residence, where they presented her with a cheque for Rs 25,000.

Showering accolades on Reshma, Patel said, "She has helped society by alerting the police with all the information she had against her own husband. She has done a remarkable job. The information has helped the state police and society."

Shahzad has a criminal record. But his nefarious link with the crude bombs came to light last Saturday, when he threatened to blow up Reshma after an argument. Now behind bars, the Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) is questioning him to see if he has links with any terror group. But for now, the whole of Ahmedabad can heave a sigh of relief thanks to the efforts of one brave woman. One hopes that emboldened by her act, many more Reshmas will come forward to aid in the war against terror.