Shah Rukh Khan On Success Of 'Pathaan', Covid Pandemic And More: Highlights

On the success of Pathaan, Shah Rukh Khan said,"Everybody has shown so much kindness to the film. We are extremely grateful to the audience."

Shah Rukh Khan addressing his fans and media after the success of 'Pathaan'.

New Delhi: Shah Rukh Khan today spoke on a variety of issues, ranging from his latest spy thriller 'Pathaan' to how his time during Covid pandemic. Pathaan has become a huge hit on the box office, with earnings of over Rs 500 crores within five days of release.

Here are the highlights of Shah Rukh Khan's presser:

  1. On the success of Pathaan: The film was shot during Covid. Everybody has shown so much kindness to the film. We are all extremely grateful to the audience and media for supporting the film so much in spite of the fact that there might have been things that would have curtailed the happy release of the film.

  2. On his chemistry with Deepika Padukone: "You know me and Deepika just need an excuse to romance, to hug, to kiss. So any question you ask me, I will just kiss Deepika Padukone's hand and that will be the answer."

  3. On Covid pandemic: "I did not work for 1/2 years. But I could spend time with my family and friends. I could watch my kids - Aryan and Suhana - grow up.

  4. On his last few films not doing well on box office: "I started thinking of alternate business. I started learning to cook, thought I will start a restaurant named Red Chillies Eatery."

  5. On process of making films: "There were times when we had to call people and ask them to please let us release our film peacefully. Film watching and filmmaking is an experience of love and I want to thank all the people who helped us release Pathaan for the people. Even if you don't like a film, audience should just feel happy when they go to the theatre."

  6. On how he deals with failure: "I was told when something doesn't work, go to those who love you. I am very fortunate that I have millions who give me love. When I am happy, I come to my balcony, when I am sad, I come to the balcony."

  7. On what motivates him: "I just listen to my song... <i>Main jo bhi chahoon, wo main paaun</i>"

  8. On the best thing in Pathaan: "The best thing about Pathaan is Jim played by John (Abraham)."

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