This Article is From Dec 29, 2010

Sanjay Dutt strikes back with allegation of extortion

Sanjay Dutt strikes back with allegation of extortion
Mumbai: No signs of Gandhigiri in this battle.

Sanjay Dutt's lawyers have accused a film producer of extortion.  The producer, Shakil Noorani,  had accused Dutt of costing him upto Rs 2 crore by walking out of his film half-way.

Noorani's case led the Bombay High Court to okay the attachment of the actor's home and office in Mumbai.  Yesterday, Noorani's lawyers said that if Dutt did not repay Noorani within a month, they would auction his properties.  

Dutt's lawyer, Rizwan Merchant, says he plans to challenge Noorani and that Dutt does not owe the producer any money.

The Indian Motion Pictures Producers' Association or IMPPA was appointed an arbitrator and had ordered Sanjay Dutt to repay the money, including a signing amount of Rs 50 lakh to Noorani within 90 days. When Dutt did not respond to the order, the association decided that his Pali Hill home and his Santa Cruz office would be attached.