This Article is From Nov 06, 2012

Ram Jethmalani's letter to LK Advani

The dissent against Nitin Gadkari continuing as president of the BJP while engulfed by corruption charges is being voiced aggressively by noted lawyer and parliamentarian Ram Jethmalani. But in a letter sent just a few days ago to senior BJP leader LK Advani, he claims that three other senior leaders are considering quitting the party with him if Mr Gadkari is not dismissed on the basis of the corruption charges that have engulfed him over the last few weeks.

Here's the full letter:

Dear Lal,

I am sorry to have to write this to you. I am doing it according to a firm conclusion arrived at by Jaswant, Yashwant and Shatrughan and myself. We are of the opinion that the continued Presidentship of the party by Shri Gadkari is a disaster for the nation and the BJP. The damage already caused is immense but may be mitigated with great effort. He may be asked to resign forthwith. If we wait till the Parliament is summoned, we will have betrayed the nation. History will not forgive us.

You have doubtless read the Press Conference of Mr Swami. Why is that all these disclosures come from others. People are almost suspecting that our main leaders are in limited collusion with the corrupt rulers.

All four of us met last night to consider whether we should bid good bye to the party. Kindly respond to this as early as you can.

I have completely maintained silence for more than a week as a result of our friend Guru's (S Gurumurthy) strong plea to me. He is at last meeting me today in Bombay.

With regards and best wishes

Ram Jethmalani