'Modiji's Fair And Lovely Yojna To Convert Black Money,' Says Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi addressed Lok Sabha after AIADMK protests and a fierce debate on the Aircel-Maxis issue.

New Delhi: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi addressed lawmakers in Lok Sabha, attacking the Modi government over black money among other issues. He said Modiji brought a 'Fair and Lovely Yojna' to convert black money into white and blamed him of destroying UPA's work against insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir and terrorism.

Here are the highlights of Rahul Gandhi's Parliament address:
  • There's Modi Ji 'Fair and Lovely Yojna', kale dhan to kaise gora banaya jaye (How to convert black money into white).
  • Modi ji had promised employment. When you ask people have they been given employment, nobody is raising their hands.
  • Modi ji said I have not seen a scheme as bad as MGNREGA. He said it is a failed scheme and it has destroyed the nation, but I will not remove it so people can see UPA's mistake.
  • But Arun Jaitley came to me and said that it's a very good scheme. I told him, why don't you say this to your boss?
  • When money was allotted to MGNREGA, I closed my eyes and thought it was Chidambaram presenting the Budget.
On the JNU row
  • The JNU students' union president Kanhaiya Kumar gave a 20-minute speech on the JNU campus. I have heard the speech. He never said a word against the country, and you have still put him in jail.
  • The income of 40 per cent of the students' parents in JNU, is less than Rs 6,000. Why are you behind JNU? Because they are poor, weak, Dalits and Tribals? You want them to stay behind? We will not let this happen. You will not be able to crush JNU or the poor of the country.
  • I want to speak a little bit about religion. Tell me, which book says that we should thrash our teachers. Why were JNU teachers, students and media beaten outside the Patiala House courts? And when they were, why did your government not even say a word?
  • You have been taught by your RSS teachers that there's only one truth in the universe - Your Own.
  • That nobody's opinion matters. PM can't run the country based on just his own opinion.
    Country is not the PM, and PM is not the country.
On the Naga Peace Accord
  • PM said that he'd solved the Nagaland crisis. Our Chief Ministers had not briefed us about anything, so we called them and they said they hadn't heard anything of the sort.
  • Even the Home Minister had no idea about this. Did he know about the accord? Did the Nagaland chief minister know about the accord?
  • And where has it gone now? Gone with the wind?
On India-Pakistan relations
  • Pakistan sent trained killers into the heart of Mumbai. 200 people killed, butchered. The op to stop them was on, our soldiers, citizens dying.
  • Our government begged the then CM of Gujarat, not to go to Mumbai. And he went there and grabbed his headlines while our people died.
  • It is the work in J&K that the UPA did, that makes us proud. By the end we had broken the back of insurgency.
  • But what does the PM do? He decides to have a cup of tea with Nawaz Sharif.
  • PM destroyed our work in Jammu and Kashmir when he went to meet Pakistan PM Nawaz. This is because he thinks only his opinion matters.
  • He did not consult the country's able bureaucrats and experts. he disrespected the flag and destroyed the conversations with the country's citizens.
  • PM just has to listen to his country, listen to Rajnath Singh ji, Smriti Irani ji, Sushma Swaraj ji. Listen to your MPs.
  • We are not your enemies, listen to us as well, we don't hate you. Just give the people the dignity of their word and listen to them.