This Article is From Sep 20, 2015

PM Modi Has No Time to Solve Farmers' Problem: Sonia Gandhi

PM Modi Has No Time to Solve Farmers' Problem: Sonia Gandhi

Congress president Sonia Gandhi addressing farmers at rally in Delhi

The Congress Party held a 'Kisan Samman Rally' today at Ramlila Ground in the national capital, to honour farmers and party workers for forcing the NDA government to withdraw its land ordinance.  Party president Sonia Gandhi and the vice president Rahul Gandhi addressed the farmers at the rally.

Here are the highlights:

Rahul Gandhi addressed farmer at a rally in Delhi's Ramlila ground
  • A farmer has two mothers, says Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi at a rally in Delhi's Ramlila ground.
  • First who is taking care of him and second his land
  • I have understood that the fight is not about the land but of his respect and of his mother.
  • I know Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he does not do what he says
  • Help farmers else Congress party will take up their cause
  • Congress fought for farmers and won
  • The fight for Congress party is not over. its a fight for the victory of farmers
  • Its a victory for Congress party and farmers
  • Farmers have refused to give up their land
  • The Centre wants to take your land.
  • Yesterday in Bihar, I cracked a joke, I will do the same here.
  • Modi ji says that there should be Make in India, but there's no place for labourers and farmers in his Make in India.
  • This is not Make in India, this is 'Take in India'
  • Congress will fight for the right of farmers.
  • We will not forget anyone of you
  • The work that UPA government did for you, many tried to stop and tried to weaken this law, said former prime minister Manmohan Singh at a rally.
     Congress will fight for farmer' rights: Sonia Gandhi 
  • This victory is not only the victory of Congress party, its the victory for all the farmers, says Congress president Sonia Gandhi.
  • The battle for Farmers' right has shifted from Delhi to other states.
  • We did many protest against
  • Modi ji did not understand the seriousness of protest by the Congress Party.
  • But when he saw the power of protest he had to take a step back.
  • 'Farmers suffering since PM Modi came to power. Prime Minister has no time to solve their problems': Sonia Gandhi
  • Farmers' conditions is deteriorating. There is problem of drought, water, electricity
  • Modi government is making fake promises like always.
  • They (Centre) are neither interested nor have time to address your issues; they have time to listen to issues of their industrialist friends.
  • We will take on the Modi government if flood and drought-hit farmers will not be taken care of.
  • If they won't listen to your (farmers) voice Congress party will fight for your rights.