"Privileged Pedigree Being Held Accountable To Rule Of Law": Vice President

Jagdeep Dhankhar said when the law takes its course, people should seek legal remedies and not take to the streets.

'Privileged Pedigree Being Held Accountable To Rule Of Law': Vice President

Mr Dhankhar said the concept of equality before the law has been strengthened in the past few years.

New Delhi:

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Friday said a "privileged pedigree" is resisting the rule of law that makes them accountable, as he targeted those who take to the streets when a legal process is set in motion against them. He said the last few years have witnessed a transformational change that has strengthened the concept of equality before the law.

"Everyone is accountable to law. There was a time when some thought they were beyond the reach of law," he said, addressing a book release event at his official residence here. It was the first event to have taken place after Dhankhar moved to the newly built 'Vice President's Enclave' near North Block recently.

One direct outcome of equality before the law, the Vice President said, is that inequalities have been "contained".

"Privileged pedigree have been compulsorily made to be accountable to the rule of law. There is bound to be resistance to it, because when people are used to being treated very differently, when they are assured by upbringing or otherwise that they have some kind of immunity to law," he said.

He said when the law takes its course, people should go for legal remedies. "Unfortunately, when legal process is set in motion, I don't understand why people should take to the streets ... We must not take to the streets," he said.

He said the Indian judicial system is robust, efficient and fearless and those who feel they have been wronged should approach courts.

"No one is above the law. Everyone is amenable to law, accountable to law. You cannot get away from law. If in a society, when someone gets away by engaging in transgression of law, he is a sole beneficiary but the entire society suffers," he said.

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