This Article is From Feb 07, 2022

"Those Making Fun Of 'Make In India' Now A Joke": PM's Top Quotes

Parliament Session: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said even after so many losses, the "arrogance" of Congress party remains.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Budget session of the Parliament.

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while replying to the debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President's address in the Lok Sabha in the ongoing Budget Session of the Parliament, said there is a new world order post COVID-19 pandemic. "India should emerge as a world leader. We are being recognised as a leader," he said. 

PM Modi also launched a sharp attack on the opposition, blaming them for spreading Covid by instigating migrant workers to leave cities during the first wave of the pandemic.

Here are the Top Quotes from PM Modi's address:

  • There is a new world order post COVID-19 pandemic. We are being recognised as a leader. India must take the global leadership role. It's a turning point and we should not lose this opportunity.
  • On Congress: Unfortunately, some people's (opposition) minds are still stuck in 2014. Even after so many losses, your arrogance remains and your ecosystem does not let it go. Question is not about election result, but the intent of those who have stayed in power for so long. Wherever people got a way, they didn't let you enter again. Don't show them mirrors, they will break the mirrors too. Criticism is a jewel of democracy. but blind opposition in an insult to democracy
  • On COVID-19: They thought maybe this country will never be able to save itself or fight such a big battle (on Covid). Corona too was used for politics - is it good for humanity?
  • In the time of coronavirus, the Congress crossed all limits. When experts advised to stay where you are, the Congress encouraged migrant labourers. During the first wave, you (Congress) gave free train tickets to migrant workers to leave Mumbai. At the same time, Delhi government told migrant workers to leave the city and provided them buses. As a result, Covid spread rapidly in Punjab, UP and Uttarakhand. 
  • Coronavirus is a global pandemic but some even misused that for political gains. Some thought Covid will harm Modi's image. I guess to pull others down, you use Gandhi's name. If I talk about 'vocal for local' then you ignore it. Don't you want India to become atmanirbhar?
  • You can oppose me, but why are you (Congress) opposing the Fit India Movement and other schemes? Who is not proud of Yoga? You made fun of it as well. No wonder you were voted out in many states years ago... I think you have made up your mind not to come to power for the next 100 years.
  • On Farmers: During pandemic, the country took a big decision to save small farmers from difficulties. People who have hatred towards small farmers, have no right to do politics in the name of farmers. Some people have not been able to change this mentality of slavery even after years of independence. Those who have lived in palaces all their lives aren't concerned about small farmers.
  • On Economy: Files are important for you (opposition), for us lives of 130 crore Indians are important. During Covid, Indian economy was the fastest growing in the world, farmers produced record quantity foodgrains. Congress has such people who say that the entrepreneurs are a variant of coronavirus. People who don't lessons from history, they get lost in history.
  • They dare to say in the Parliament that 'Make In India' cant happen. Today, India's youth and entrepreneurs have done it, you (opposition) have become a joke. Make In India's success is giving you pain, I can understand. Make in India means commissions will end, corruption will end, filling coffers will end - that's why it gives them pain.
  • On Inflation: In five years of Congress government, there was double digit inflation in country. In 2011, then finance minister had said shamelessly 'don't expect Aladdin's chirag (lamp) to take down inflation.' Congress leaders were insensitive towards inflation. Handling inflation was our primary aim. During 2014-2020, the inflation rate was below 5 per cent.
  • Pandit Nehru had said that the Korean war caused inflation. He had said that any disturbance in America also caused inflation. He also gave up on inflation. If Congress was in power today, they would have shaken off the responsibility and blamed the inflation on corona. But we are working with full strength.
  • The British left but divide and rule mentality remained. That's why Congress has become the leader of 'Tukde Tukde gang'.