PM Attacks Gandhis In Parliament: "People Beyond Family Aren't Recognised"

PM Narendra Modi in his address laid out his government's roadmap for next five years and appealed everyone to work together towards developing a new India


We are here to implement different schemes and programmes for the growth of the country: PM Modi

New Delhi: 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the parliament as a reply to the debate on the Motion of Thanks for President Ram Nath Kovind's address. The President had earlier addressed both the houses of parliament. The newly-elected lawmakers took up the discussion on the Motion of Thanks on the President's address.

PM Modi in his address laid out his government's roadmap for next five years. He appealed everyone to work together towards developing a new India keeping politics aside. "Country is more important than politics. Let it be our collective endeavour to make India $5 trillion dollar economy," PM Modi said in Lok Sabha.

Here are the Highlights on PM Modi's speech:

Jun 25, 2019
17:19 (IST)
Let it be our collective endeavour to make India $5 trillion dollar economy: PM
  •  India is a vibrant democracy, our voters love the country, take decision regrading the country. And the citizens have proved it during the elections this year.
  • In 2014 we were new, in 2019 every citizen has helped us thrive. Democracy has helped us come back to power. The government is "moving ahead to create strong, safe, prosperous India" and people "have given a clear mandate to us to continue the journey that started in 2014."
  • When I first came at Central Hall, I had said my government is for the poor. After 5 years I am satisfied of having a good government as I can say, the people have accepted by pressing the EVM button.
  • For me elections are not about who won and who lost. For me, what is satisfying is the opportunity to serve 130 crore Indians and do work that has made a positive difference in the lives of our citizens
  • Did those in power from 2004 to 2014 ever talk about the good work of Atal ji? Did they ever speak about the good works of Narasimha Rao Ji? In this Lok Sabha debate the same people did not even speak of Manmohan Singh.
  • There are some people who feel only a few names contributed to national progress. They only want to hear those few names and ignore the others. We think differently, we feel each and every citizen has worked for India's progress.
  • I must say targets will be achieved. We accepted that everything is like this. I know how much it takes to change, get regimes on board.
  • I had never asked for any 'chulha'. I lived my life without electricity. Now people have questions, from why don't they do it to why do they do it, the journey was long.
  • Its true that when country is going through poverty, to ease methods of living, there should be basic necessities for everyone. India should move forward too.
  • We are here to implement different schemes and programmes, whether highways, waterways, rail, road, startups, innovation, Chandrayaan, all of this, we have to move forward.
  • Our dream is not to go high, our dream is to join with the roots. That's our route.
  • There are good, bitter and election related talks. Everyone has their own agenda, but I don't want to speak of this. It was said that our growth cannot be questioned.
  • We don't curtail anybody. "Aapki oonchai aapko mubaarak ho". You have gone so high, that you cannot see the ground. You are so high, that the ones on the ground seem small to you.
  • Maybe I'm the first PM who twice said, From independence till now, every government had role in India's future.
  • I want to know -- Today is 25th June. Who imposed the Emergency? Who trampled over the spirit of the Constitution, gagged the media and bullied the judiciary? We can't forget those dark days. India's demo was its soul, the country's media was suppressed, leaders were behind bars.
  • During the freedom struggle, brave women and men died for the nation. This led to Independence. Today, we have to live for the nation and build the India our freedom fighters dreamt of. I urge everyone to observe Mahatma Gandhi's 150 birth anniversary and 75 years of India's freedom with great vigour
  • Beyond family, no one gets anything else. We don't talk about which party Pranab da was from.
  • We keep getting lectured for this. I want to say on record, don't lecture us repeatedly.
  • We took office again a few weeks ago and I am happy to say we have taken numerous pro-people decisions. The decisions we have taken will benefit farmers, traders, youngsters and other sections of society. A lot of the major promises we made, we have begun fulfilling them
  • Its not like previous governments have not worked. Lot of debates happened. It would be good if Dr BR Ambedkar's name was taken. Today, when we talk about water resources, I remember Dr. Ambedkar. He worked diligently on waterways and irrigation
  • Sardar Sarovar Dam was the brainchild of Sardar Patel. But, work on this Dam kept getting delayed. As Chief Minister of Gujarat, I had to embark fast for this project. After NDA took office, the pace of work increased significantly and it is benefiting many people
  • In 1961, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru inaugurated the dam. It was Sardar Patel's dream, 6000 Crore project. It reached 60-70000 Crores in 86-87 which became 62000 Crore project.
  • We need to save water. People in states of Rajasthan and Gujarat know what water troubles are like. But today, 9000 villages are getting water
  • Promoting tourism and improving tourism infrastructure segments well for economic prosperity. There is so much about India that the world wants to see
  • Today China exports defence equipment and we are worlds biggest importer. What will you do making fun of 'Make in India'? You might sleep better, but will it be good for the nation?
Jun 25, 2019
17:13 (IST)
Prime Minister addresses the 'Motion Of Thanks On the President's Address' the Lok Sabha
The dream of a secure nation has been seen by many leaders. To fulfill this dream with resolve, we all have to move forward. This is aspiration of India and in this environment, India should not lose the opportunity. 

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