Kargil Victory Was Symbol Of India's Determination, Capability: PM Modi

PM Modi on Friday paid tributes to the soldiers who defended India during the Kargil war, in 1999

Kargil Victory Was Symbol Of India's Determination, Capability: PM Modi

PM Modi recalled visit to Kargil in 1999 during the India-Pakistan war and described as "unforgettable"

New Delhi:

A day after the 20th anniversary of the Kargil Vijay Diwas, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today paid tributes to the soldiers who defended India during the 1999 war. Speaking at a commemorative function in Delhi, the PM said the Kargil war still inspires the whole country and the victory was the victory of India's unity, strength and patience.

On Friday, PM Modi paid tributes to the soldiers who defended India during the Kargil war, in 1999. In his post on the occasion to celebrate the 20th anniversary of India's victory over Pakistan - also called Kargil Vijay Diwas, PM Modi said that the day should be remembered for the "courage, bravery and dedication" shown by the soldiers who took part in Operation Vijay.

"Operation Vijay" was the name given to India's limited war against Pakistan after the neighbouring country captured high outposts Jammu and Kashmir's Kargil in 1999.

Here are the highlights of PM Modi's tribute to Kargil soldiers

  • I salute the soldiers who won the Kargil war for us 20 years ago. We are proud to remember them today
  • I also pay respect to those brave mothers who gave birth to these bravehearts.
  • Wars are fought not by governments but by whole country and Kargil victory still inspires the whole country. Kargil Victory was victory of India's unity, strength and patience, sanctity and discipline
  • Atal Bihari Vajpayee had appealed for peace with Pakistan. Our history shows we have always sought peace and the country has always followed the principle
  • In 2014, after taking oath I visited Kargil when the war was at its peak. I remember our soldiers wanted to reach the peaks with the National flag. Kargil War Sthal today is nothing less than a religious place for me
  • Today the wars have reached space and are fought even in cyber world. So, its important to strengthen the defence sector of the country. Modernisation of defence forces is not only a necessity but also our priority. It should be the identity of our defence forces
  • Irrespective of the uniform of the defence forces, its colour, or whoever wears it, the aim remains the same. Our National flag has three different colours, but it instills the feeling of unity among us. Similarly, our forces should not only be mordernised, but also be together in terms of behaviour and arrangement, and this is the need of the hour. 
  • We are trying to uplift the villages and the populated areas near the LOC. We are aware our people residing near the LOC face different problems and Border Area Development Programme has been brought in
  • Last 5 years we have taken many decisions for the welfare of the soldiers, especially the One Rank One Pension Scheme. We also have come with the scheme to increase the scholarship programmes for the children of the soldier's
  • In 1947, those who attained freedom, did they speak any one particular language, were they from one particular sect, did people only from a particular caste grouping attain freedom? No, entire nation attained independence. 
  • When we drafted our Constitution, was it drafted only for people belonging to a particular sect or caste grouping, was it drafted only for speakers of a particular language? No, the constitution was drafted for the entire nation
  • Nature of war has changed, today humanity and the world is a victim of pseudo war, terrorism is challenging mankind. Those defeated in war are using pseudo war to fulfill their political objectives and encouraging terrorism
  • Twenty years ago, when over 500 men laid their lives in the icy heights of Kargil, who did they sacrifice for? When Captain Vikram Batra of J&K Rifles said, 'Yeh dil maange more', who was his heart beating for? Not for himself, not a religion, language or caste grouping, his heart was beating for the motherland.
  • Let us pledge, that we won't let these sacrifices go in vain but take inspiration and spend our lives to ensure an India they dreamt of
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