"Bhutan Understood Essence Of Happiness," Says PM In Thimphu: Top Quotes

PM Modi In Bhutan: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the students in Bhutan said that India is "among the biggest start-up eco-systems in the world".

PM Modi addressed the students this morning.

New Delhi: The history, culture and spiritual traditions have created unique and deep bonds between the people of India and Bhutan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today while addressing students at the Royal University Of Bhutan. "It is natural that the people of Bhutan and India experience great attachment to each other. After all, we are close not just due to our geography. Our history, culture and spiritual traditions have created unique and deep bonds between our peoples and nations," PM Modi said.

Here are the top quotes from PM's speech in Thimpu:

  1. Bhutan has understood the spirit of harmony, togetherness and compassion. This very spirit radiated from the adorable children who lined the streets to welcome me yesterday. I will always remember their smiles. 

  2. In any part of the world, if we ask the question what do you associate with Bhutan, the answer will be the concept of Gross National Happiness. I am not surprised. Bhutan has understood the essence of happiness. 

  3. The bond of learning between us is as modern as it is ancient. In the 20th century, many Indians came to Bhutan as teachers. Most Bhutanese citizens of older generations would have had at least one India teacher during their education. 

  4. It is even a matter of great happiness that young Bhutanese scientists will travel to India to work on designing and launching Bhutan's own small satellite. I hope that someday soon, many of you will be scientists, engineers and innovators. 

  5. We inaugurated the Thimphu Ground Station of the South Asia Satellite and expanded our space cooperation. Through satellites, benefits of tele-medicine, distance education, resource mapping, weather forecast & even warning of natural disasters and reach even remote areas.

  6. Yes, we have challenges. But for every challenge, we have young minds to find innovative solutions to overcome them. Let no limitation constrain you. I want to tell you all- there is no better time to be young than now. 

  7. Whether I look at Bhutan's past, present or future, the common and constant threads are - deep spirituality and youthful vigour. 

  8. India is also home to among the biggest start-up eco-systems in the world. This is indeed a great time to innovate in India! These, and many other transformations have dreams and aspirations of the youth of India at their core 

  9. India is home to the world's largest healthcare programme, Ayushman Bharat that offers health assurance to 500 million Indians.

  10. India has among the cheapest data connectivity in the world, which is directly and indirectly empowering millions. Today, India is witnessing historic transformations in a wide range of sectors. India is eliminating poverty faster than ever before. The pace of infrastructure construction has doubled in the last five years. 

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