"Don't Vent Frustration In Parliament": PM's Dig At Congress On Poll Show

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was addressing the media ahead of the Winter Session of Parliament.

PM Modi was addressing the media ahead of Parliament's Winter Session

New Delhi:

The results of Assembly polls yesterday show that people "have rejected negativity", Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this morning, urging the Opposition "not to vent the frustration of defeat" inside the Parliament. The Prime Minister was addressing the media ahead of the Winter Session of Parliament.

"I request all MPs to come to Parliament with preparation. Against the backdrop of the election results, I would say that this is a golden opportunity for the Opposition. They must shed the negativity they have been carrying for nine years and proceed with positivity. Please do not vent the frustration of defeat in Parliament," he said.

Urging the Opposition not to protest "for the sake of it", he said, "This is for your benefit. The Opposition has a significant role in a democracy. Please understand it. The country does not want to halt on the road to development," the Prime Minister said.

Earlier, the Prime Minister said in a lighter vein that political temperatures are soaring even though the winter is approaching slowly.

"The results are exciting for those committed to the welfare of the common man, people dedicated to a bright future for the country," he said.

The Prime Minister reiterated that there are only four "castes" in the country - women, youngsters, farmers and the poor. "Those focused on the empowerment of these groups through proper policies and last-mile delivery get a lot of support," he said. The Prime Minister said the word "anti-incumbency" is irrelevant if there is good governance.

This will be the first full session in the new Parliament building after a short special session during its inauguration in September. "It's a new building, there may be some shortcomings. Going forward, I believe the Lok Sabha Speaker and Vice-President will address them," he said.

The Prime Minister said the Opposition must learn from its failures. "If you move ahead with positivity, the country will changes its perception. It may open a new door for you," he said.

The Prime Minister urged the Opposition to support positive initiatives in national interest. "Debate over shortcomings. You will see that some issues, on which hatred has spread, may turn to love. Don't lose this opportunity. It's not right that your image is one of negativity. The Opposition is as important (as the government) in a democracy," he said.

The BJP won the crucial Assembly polls in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan yesterday. The results flew in the face of exit poll projections that had predicted a tight contest in Madhya Pradesh and a victory for the Opposition party in Chhattisgarh. The Congress had to find consolation in a victory in Telangana.