Out Hiking, Two Indian Students Drown At Tourist Attraction In Scotland

A Scotland Police official said there "don't seem to be any strange circumstances" surrounding the deaths.

Out Hiking, Two Indian Students Drown At Tourist Attraction In Scotland

The two students were 22 and 26 years old.


Two Indian students have drowned while hiking with four other friends from the country at a popular tourist spot in Scotland.

The bodies of the two men were recovered by rescue personnel from the water near the Linn of Tummel, where two rivers meet, on Wednesday night. 

The two men who drowned, as well as the people who were with them, were pursuing a Master's degree at the University of Dundee.

"On Wednesday night, Jitendranath Karuturi, 26, and Chanhakya Bolisetti, 22, were washed away at Linn of Tummel, which is located north of Pitlochry. There don't seem to be any strange circumstances surrounding the fatalities," a police official said. 

An official from the Indian High Commission in London said the bodies of the two students were found downstream. 

"The families of both students have been contacted by the Indian Consulate General, and a consular representative has met a student who resides in the UK. Dundee University has promised to help in every way," an official said. 

The post-mortem will be carried out on Friday and the process for returning the bodies to India will begin after that, the official added. 

"This has been a tragic accident which has shocked us all, and our thoughts are with the families and friends of the students. We have been providing support to those families and friends at this extremely difficult time," news agency PTI quoted a University of Dundee spokesperson as saying.