On Camera, Bengaluru Woman Picked Up And Taken Away, No One Helped

22-year-old woman's near-kidnapping in Bengaluru caught on camera. No one helped


  • The man tried to rape her but ran when she screamed, woman told media
  • She was on the phone outside her accommodation at the time of incident
  • 22-year-old is yet to file a complaint, cops say will act on their own
Bengaluru: In visuals captured on CCTV, a 22-year-old woman is kidnapped just outside her home in Bengaluru and no one reacts to her screams.

The incident allegedly took place around 10 pm on April 23 in south Bengaluru.

The woman, who is believed to be from Manipur, is seen talking on the phone on the street outside her paying guest accommodation when she is suddenly grabbed by the man.

The attacker, his face obscured by a scarf and a cap, scoops her up and takes her away kicking.

A woman and two men - one on a scooter - were passing by at the time but they are seen in the footage continuing on their way without any reaction.

In a police complaint filed today, the woman said she was taken to a nearby construction site where the man tried to rape her. She alleges that he panicked and ran away when her screams were heard by people.

"I started shouting and he tried to shut my mouth. I bit him to save myself. He hit me and then I fell unconscious," she told reporters.

When she came to, the man had left. "My bag and phone were still there," she said.

The police said after the incident, the woman did not file a complaint but spoke to a local channel.

Manjula Manasa, the chairperson of the Karnataka Commission for Women, said: "Senior police officials should and will have to take action."

The police say the CCTV footage is proof enough for them to act. One person has been detained in connection with the attack.