Nitish Kumar Stops Action Against Men Who Waved Black Flags At Him

Nitish Kumar had a word of advice for police who tried to stop few protesters waving black flags at him. "What is wrong with the colour black? It's a fine shade", and to protesters when they stopped he said, 'What happened, please carry on"

Nitish Kumar Stops Action Against Men Who Waved Black Flags At Him

Nitish Kumar stops police from going after protesters waving black flags

Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar stopped policemen from going after a group of youngsters who waved black flags at him in a public meeting in Saharsa. The Chief Minister told the police, "What is wrong with the colour black? It's a fine shade." He asked the police to let the youths go saying, "Dissent must be allowed as it lends beauty to democracy".

Nitish Kumar stopped his speech for a few minutes and advised the policemen, "These boys are barely four or five in number but if you go after them they will become the focus of attention of the media and gain undue publicity." After a while when Nitish Kumar saw the young men stopped waving black flags, he asked them, "What happened? Why have you hidden your black flags? Please carry on." The reason for the protests was not immediately known.

The Chief Minister was addressing people at Sulindabad village in Saharsa, as part of his statewide Vikas Samiksha Yatra. He has been travelling to remote corners of the state to personally oversee developmental steps being taken at the grassroots level.

The Chief Minister spoke about what his government was doing for reaching electricity, sanitation facilities and drinking water to remote corners of Bihar. He also stressed on the measures being taken for women's empowerment including reservation in Panchayats and government jobs. Nitish Kumar said free bicycles and uniforms are being given to encourage little girls to go to school. He stressed that social welfare measures like ban on alcohol and campaigns against dowry and child marriage were aimed at improving the lives of women.

The Chief Minister asked the people to come out in large numbers and be part of a human chain that would be formed across the state on January 21, in support of the drive against dowry and child marriage.

(With inputs from PTI)

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