Monsoon Session In Parliament Day 4 Live: 'India Not Unreasonable With China' Says Sushma Swaraj On Border Standoff

Monsoon Session In Parliament Day 4 Live: 'India Not Unreasonable With China' Says Sushma Swaraj On Border Standoff
After a stormy three days, the fourth day of monsoon session in parliament is expected to invite similar pandemonium. Opposition stays united in its resolve to question government on several issues including farmer distress, unemployment, atrocities on Dalits, lynchings, and problems arising from the Goods and Services Tax. BJP has accused opposition party Congress of conspiring to disrupt Parliament during the Monsoon Session by giving issues a "communal colour". Today, the standing committee on Finance is likely to finalise its report on ban of 500/1,000-rupee notes.

Here are the live updates of the fourth day of monsoon session in parliament:


Jul 20, 2017
14:56 (IST)
If Mother India is so important, then go and fight at the border: Kapil Sibal's message to Gau Rakshaks

- Those who were killed hadn't killed cow. Only a coward can do this. And then they say we protect Bharat Mata (Mother India).

- I challenge, that if Bharat Mata (Mother India) is so important, then go and fight at the border.

- You don't have the courage to kill enemies at the front, but you have courage to tie a person to jeep and then kill him.

- PM Modi knows that VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) people resort to this.

- Gau rakshaks (cow vigilantes) are at work today. And they are recruited by the VHP. Bajrang Dal trains them.

- Your Hindutva has destroyed the nation. A person who does all this is not a real Hindu.

Jul 20, 2017
14:47 (IST)
When human's killed in name of cow, humanity is murdered: Kabil Sibal in Rajya Sabha

Congress Leader Kapil Sibal on Cow Vigilantism in Rajya Sabha

- In the last year, PM gave 3 replies on cow vigilantism. He said that whatever is happening is not right

- But the next day a gau rakshak (cow vigilante) said "When king will not perform his function then Janta will have to do the work"

- Rajiv Maharishi said that these are over hyped reports

- Gandhi said that I will not kill human being for a cow

- Cow most non-violent animal in the world but when you kill a human in the name of it then humanity is murdered.

Jul 20, 2017
13:29 (IST)
Here is the full transcript of Sushma Swaraj's statement on India-China standoff

- India's border with China is yet to be finalised. So is Bhutan's border with China.
- There are mechanisms for this.
- But there is a tri-junction point between the three countries.
- We have it in writing in a 2012 agreement that on this tri-junction point, India, China and third countries will decide together (what to do).
- China has always kept up activities in the region.
- This time they brought in bulldozers and excavators and they intended to reach the tri-junction so that they can unilaterally end the status quo of the tri-junction point.
- China's demand is that India withdraw its troops.
- We want both sides to call back troops and work it out through talks
We haven't said anything unreasonable.
- All countries are with India.
- All countries think it (China) is intimidating a small country like Bhutan.
- All countries recognise India's stand is right
Jul 20, 2017
12:43 (IST)
All countries are in India's support on Doklam: Sushma Swaraj

"India hasn't said anything unreasonable. All countries are in India's support," said Ms Swaraj

Jul 20, 2017
12:40 (IST)
After a question on India-China stand-off in Doklam, Sushma Swaraj Answers

Rajya Sabha member Naresh Agarwal posed a question on India-China stand-off in Dokalam, "What is China's demand, what is India's stand and which countries are with India?"

"As long as it was between China and Bhutan we had nothing to do with it. But, since this deals with the tri-junction point it affects our security position," answered the Minister of External Affairs.
Jul 20, 2017
12:37 (IST)
Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj explains India's position on South China Sea

Our position about South China sea is very clear that there should be freedom of navigation. Trade shouldn't be affected.
Jul 20, 2017
12:09 (IST)
Lok Sabha adjourned for the day till any further notice, amid protests by opposition parties members.
Jul 20, 2017
12:07 (IST)
No mention of H-1b visas in joint statement after PM's US visit, points Congress' Anand Sharma

Jul 20, 2017
11:55 (IST)

Lok Sabha adjourned for second time till noon as noisy protests by opposition over farm issues continue.

Jul 20, 2017
11:40 (IST)
Rajya Sabha Schedule for the day

Discussion on lynching

Further discussion on the situation arising out of the reported increase in the incidents of lynching and atrocities on minorities and Dalits across the country.

Bills for consideration and passing:

The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2017.

The Admiralty (Jurisdiction and Settlement of Maritime Claims) Bill, 2017.

The Collection of Statistics (Amendment) Bill, 2017.
Jul 20, 2017
11:39 (IST)
Order of Business in Lok Sabha

Bills for consideration and passing:

The Indian Institutes of Information

Technology (Amendment) Bill, 2017.

The Right of Children to Free and

Compulsory Education (Amendment) Bill,2017.

Jul 20, 2017
11:38 (IST)
Lok Sabha adjourned for 20 minutes amid protests by opposition parties.
Jul 20, 2017
10:20 (IST)
BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, says, "won't allow disruptive agenda to dominate in Parliament."
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