S Jaishankar, Son Went To A Restaurant In US. This Happened

Foreign minister S Jaishankar was talking about the difference in Covid vaccine certificates issued in India through Co-Win platform, and in the certificates issued in the US.

S Jaishankar, Son Went To A Restaurant In US. This Happened

The audience started clapping and laughing after hearing the incident shared by S Jaishankar. (File)

A video of External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar sharing an incident at a restaurant in the US has gone viral on social media.

In the video, Mr Jaishankar talks about his visit to the US in 2021, when travel was just reopening amid Covid restrictions. He says he went to a restaurant with his son, who lives in America. "They wanted to see our Covid vaccine certificate," the foreign minister said. "I showed them my phone and my son, from his wallet, produced a paper, which was folded, and said this is my certificate."

Mr Jaishankar continued, smiling: "I looked at his paper...and I asked myself...this is where they are". The audience laughed and clapped.

The small clip was shared by a Twitter user, Arun Pudur, with the caption, "Dr S Jaishankar Minister of External Affairs, India, went to a restaurant with his son in the US and what happened next is hilarious."

The video has over 300,000 views on Twitter.

The Co-Win platform is an online platform started by the Centre for Covid vaccine registrations. The platform is used for booking slots to get the vaccine and get the vaccination certificates.

Over 200 crore Covid vaccine doses have been administered and over 1 billion beneficiaries have been registered via online and offline mode.