This Article is From Sep 21, 2015

In Madhya Pradesh, a Road Built Over a Man Who Was Alive

In Madhya Pradesh, a Road Built Over a Man Who Was Alive
New Delhi: A man who slipped and fell into a pit on his way home was buried alive on Friday as a road was constructed over him in Katni in Madhya Pradesh.

The body of 45-year-old Latori Lal was found when villagers spotted his shirt sticking out of a freshly laid patch of road.

It appeared that Latori was drunk when he fell into the pit. Road workers filled the crater with tar and it was levelled with a roller without anyone noticing.

Angry villagers targeted the road workers and blocked traffic with protests as the crushed body was taken out.

The police say Latori Lal and his wife had gone out and after a fight, he came back alone at around 8 pm. When his wife returned an hour later, she found the house locked and no sign of Latori.

Neighbours and other villagers brought torches and joined her in searching for him.

When Latori Lal's shirt was spotted, and people realized he had been crushed by a road roller, they rushed to the police station demanding action against the workers.

The police and the administration assured that Latori's family would be compensated.

A driver and a road worker have been arrested.