This Article is From Apr 19, 2019

"Congress-JD(S) Vote Bank In Bagalkot or Balakot?" PM Modi In Karnataka

PM Modi lashed out at Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy of the JDS for his reported remark that only those who can't meet two square meals a day join the armed forces.

'Congress-JD(S) Vote Bank In Bagalkot or Balakot?' PM Modi In Karnataka

PM Modi said the ruling Congress-JDS in Karnataka were united on backing dynasty and corruption.


The Congress wants to install a "helpless" prime minister, PM Narendra Modi said on Thursday, making a forceful plea for people's mandate for a strong government, focusing on national security.

Addressing two rallies in north Karnataka on the final lap of his campaign for Lok Sabha polls in the state, PM Modi mocked the "never ending drama" marked by revenge and emotion that he said characterised the Congress-JDS coalition government headed by HD Kumaraswamy.

"If you want to see majboot sarkar (strong government) look towards Delhi, and if you want to see majboor (helpless) government look towards Bengaluru," he told the crowd, amid the polling for the first phase of Lok Sabha elections to 14 constituencies in Karnataka.

Aiming big, BJP has set a target of winning 14 of the 28 Lok Sabha seats in Karnataka, betting high on the "Modi wave".

In the 2014 polls, BJP had bagged 17 seats. PM Modi has held back to back rallies covering all the regions in Karnataka and the state BJP has not announced any more rallies before the second phase of polls on April 23.

Speaking about the "natak" (drama) by leaders that was going in Karnataka, he said the drama had emotion and revenge, and "the emotion is never ending."

"After every few days, weeks, at any rally or press conference, emotion is flowing. Do you think of Karnataka like this?" PM Modi asked the crowd, apparently taking a dig at Kumaraswamy who has shed tears publicly quite often -- once about being helpless as head of the Congress-JDS coalition.

"Congress likes such majboor (helpless) governments. They want such majboor Chief Minister and they want to install such majboor prime minister," he told the rally in Bagalkot. 

PM Modi said before 2014, no one even used to talk about Prime Minister, asking "was he able to take decision, every child in this country knows. Government was run through remote control," a veiled reference to the UPA government headed by Manmohan Singh.

"...Now the new scene is before you, with 2014's majboot government today we are able to kill terrorists by entering Pakistan and Pakistan is weeping in front of the world. Today we can hear only voice from Pakistan across the world crying bachao bachao bachao (help help help ), Modi Maarta hai (Modi will kill)."

PM Modi took on Mr Kumaraswamy for saying the matter of airstrike on terror camps in Pakistan in Balakot should not be overpublicised "fearing the vote bank bank would get angry."

"Now tell me, Where is Congress and the JD(S) vote bank? Is it in Bagalkot or Balakot? This Congress-JD(S) has to decide," the prime minister said.

At his Chikkodi rally, PM Modi told the crowd, "your vote will decide whether those chanting Bharat Mata ki jai will be respected or tukde tukde will come amidst you and chant slogans about Bharat ke barbadi.

"Your vote will decide will rashtrawad (nationalism) stay or vanshwad (dynasty), corruption, terrorism."

PM Modi said it was "unfortunate" that Congress and its "mahamilavat" (adulterated) friends were leaving no stone unturned to defame the country's traditions and culture.

"Congress-JD(S) leaders can only see vote bank, they don't have anything to do with jan hith (public good) and rashtra hith (national good)," he said.

PM Modi said the Congress and JDS faced conflict on every issue but there was agreement between them on four things.

"...they are- abusing rashtrawad (nationalism), supporting vanshwad (dynasty)... and morning till evening one work to abuse Modi. There is not even a slightest difference between them on this," he added.

PM Modi chided Mr Kumaraswamy for his reported remark that only those can't meet two square meals a day join the armed forces.

Terming Mr Kumaraswamy's remark an insult to the Army and soldiers, and asking if it can be tolerated, he said "on this one issue this whole family has to be removed from public life."

Hitting out at Congress over its promise to remove Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), he said, it wants those pelting stones to file false cases on soldiers and they should roam in courts.

"Congress also wants to give free hand to those indulging in desh droh (anti nationalism). By announcing that it will end sedition law, Congress has made it clear what its intentions are. Will you support such dangerous intentions?

"Will you support those committing such sins? Will you teach a lesson to Congress?" PM Modi asked.

These "Mahamilavatis" were neither for jawans nor for kisans (farmers), he charged.

During the Congress and "Mahamilavat" government, three types of development can take place development (vikas) of a few families, development of middle men and development of price hike, PM Modi said.