LIVE: PM Narendra Modi's Speech In Aligarh During BJP's UP Campaign

LIVE: PM Narendra Modi's Speech In Aligarh During BJP's UP Campaign

UP Elections 2017: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses a rally in Uttar Pradesh's Aligarh

Aligarh:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi is campaigned in Uttar Pradesh's Aligarh today where he addressed a public meeting or rally. PM Modi is BJP's star campaigner which has not declared a chief ministerial candidate for UP.

Here are the highlights of PM Narendra Modi's speech in Aligarh:
  • Last time before the general elections when I visited Aligarh, the attendance was not even half of what it is today. I thank you all for your love and support.
  • I see winds of change in Uttar Pradesh. The winds are fierce this time. The winds are so strong in favour of the BJP that the chief minister is holding on to just about anyone he can find.
  • UP wants justice. Especially my sisters and mothers, my small time traders. This fight is for you.
  • These days, people are issuing a fatwa against me every day. Because I am tightening the screws, because I am asking for an account of the crimes they committed over 70 years.
  • It is shameful to see cases that have come to light here. It was found that people were withdrawing money of a widower's pension even when the woman does not exist. Tell me, is this not corruption? The corrupt are flourishing under the current UP administration. To stop this, from the Centre we have linked pension to Aadhaar and bank accounts. 40,000 crore that these rats would silently eat is now being saved.
  • On November 8, I announced the banning of 500-and 1000-rupee notes. There was chaos amongst these corrupt people. They had to then deposit the money in bank accounts. We want that this money come to good use, for the benefit of our youth and development of our country. I am thankful to 1.2 billion people for supporting me.
  • So many manufacturing plants were shut and Aligarh's famous locks came to use in order to lock them. You know the reason behind these plants shutting down? It happened because the UP government could not give them electricity.
  • We are working day and night to ensure that every corner of India has electricity. We are making good progress. I am confident that electricity will reach every factory and household very soon. We are very close to achieving this. In fact we are working towards Uttar Pradesh's Vikas. By VIKAS I mean V - Vidyod (electricity), K - Kanoon (law and order), and S - Sadak (roads).
  • The current government in Uttar Pradesh has nothing to do with vikas (development). But I want to assure the people of UP that we - the BJP - have taken this decision at the Centre to develop UP.
  • Tell me, haven't you all faced injustice and discrimination? Let's take jobs for instance; Does one have to belong to a certain caste? or know someone who is connected politically to get a job? Is this what our constitution says? No. You all are facing this because of the current government in UP. They have failed you all. We will do our best to ensure that every young person in UP gets a job.
  • Coming to the law and order situation in UP... Tell me, once the sun sets, can a sister or mother of any household leave their homes? Should women not have equal rights are men? Should the women be not given protection? I appeal to you all - my brothers and sisters - to save Uttar Pradesh from bullies and goons. Throw out these people who have done nothing for you, who have abandoned you, and left you without security. It is sad to see that if a person complaints about a bully or a goon, and he happens to be a relative of a politician, the complainant is scrapped. Are these the kind people who you want should run UP?
  • To fight black money, corruption and counterfeit currency, we did demonetisation, then remonetised the economy and simultaneously started work of e-monetisation. We launched the BHIM app on Ambedkar's name. People questioned us, saying, what right does Narendra Modi have to use BR Ambedkar's name? I want to remind them that he was the economist under whom the Reserve Bank of India was formed. He was a great man and his contributions will never be forgotten. I don't care if people are jealous, but I will always honour him and hold him in highest regard.

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