This Article is From Mar 09, 2012

Lie detector for BJP politician in Shehla Masood murder case

Lie detector for BJP politician in Shehla Masood murder case
Bhopal: A CBI court has today ruled that a BJP leader from Bhopal will have to go through a lie detector test. Dhruv Narayan Singh, a MLA, has been interrogated thrice in connection with the murder of activist Shehla Masood who was found dead in her car last year.

Ms Masood's assassination was allegedly planned by Zahida Parvez, an interior decorator who was jealous of the activist's close friendship with Mr Singh. Ms Parvez was allegedly involved with the 53-year-old MLA, and stalked him secretly. The CBI believes she monitored his phone bills to track who he was in touch with, and followed him once to Ms Masood' home. These details were revealed by a diary that Ms Parvez fastidiously maintained; it is now important evidence against her.

The interior decorator who was arrested last week has consented to a lie detector test. Two men who helped her kill Ms Masood have also been arrested; so has a woman named Saba Farooqi who was close to Ms Parvez and was aware of her plans to murder the activist.

Mr Singh, the son of former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Govind Singh, was also chairman of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (MPTDC) and Bhopal Development Authority (BDA).