This Article is From Jul 08, 2010

Kashmir intercept: "10-15 people more must be martyred"

New Delhi: After a high-level meeting in Srinagar, sources in the Home Ministry say there is evidence of how some of the violence in the Valley is being instigated and planned. Sources say officials are now looking at a number of intercepted conversations between different individuals and extremist elements that reveal deliberate attempts to plan and execute not just violence, but fatalities.

One of those intercepts - a recorded phone conversation - is as recent as this morning. The conversation is allegedly between Ghulam Ahmad Dar and Shabir Ahmed Wani. It refers allegedly to a protest rally in Budgam. A part of the conversation mentions "10-15 people more must be martyred".

Sources stress, though, that the government's assessment is that while those instigating violence may be arrested, there is recognition of genuine protests and anger that will have to be tackled politically.

Audio of the intercepted conversation: