This Article is From Nov 30, 2020

Happy Kartik Purnima: Share These Beautiful Wishes, Messages Today

Kartik Purnima 2020: On the auspicious day of Kartik Purnima, people pray to Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Goddess Lakshmi. This year Kartik Purnima coincides with the lunar eclipse

Happy Kartik Purnima: Share These Beautiful Wishes, Messages Today

Happy Kartik Purnima 2020: Wishes, Facebook Messages and WhatsApp Status Tp Share

Today is Kartik Purnima, one of the most auspicious days of the year for Hindus. Kartik Purnima is celebrated across all states of India in unique ways. Kartik Purnima marks the day when Lord Vishnu wakes up from his deep meditation, which started on Devshayani Ekadashi in Ashadha. Kartik Purnima is also significant as it is considered to be the birthday of Matsya, the fish-incarnation or first avatar of Lord Vishnu. According to some legends, it is also the birthday of Vrinda, the personification of the Tulsi or the holy basil. Many devotees perform Tulsi Vivah or the symbolic wedding of the Tulsi plant and Lord Vishnu during this time between the Prabodhini Ekadashi and Kartik Purnima - the full moon of the month.

Happy Kartik Purnima 2020: Wishes, Photos, WhatsApp Status And Facebook Messages to Share

Here are few greetings, cards and images we have curated to share with your family and loved ones on Kartik Purnima.

"May the Full Moon on Kartik Purnima bring peace and happiness today and every day of the year"
"May Lord Vishnu, the protector of the universe keep your family safe and sound. Happy Kartik Purnima!


Happy Kartik Purnima 2020!

"I pray to Lord Vishnu that the heavenly light of the moon showers happiness on you and your loved ones. Happy Kartik Purnima!"
"Let all your prayers be answered on the auspicious day of Kartik Purnima. Happy Karthik Purnima!"
"Best wishes on Kartika Purnima to you are your family!" 


Happy Kartik Purnima: On this day both Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are offered prayers

"Happy Karthik Purnima! Best wishes on this day from our family to yours!"
"May Goddess Lakshmi bless with good fortune and happiness. Happy Kartik Purnima!"


Happy Kartik Purnima! Enjoy this auspicious day

"I pray to Lord Vishnu for your health, wealth and prosperity. Happy Kartik Purnima!"
"May the beauty of the Karthik Purnima moon fill you with joy, Happy Kartik Purnima!

Wish you a Happy Kartik Purnima 2020!